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About Us

WeCanServe is a premium lifestyle magazine curated to shed light on various unspoken topics in the sector of oncology. From floating real survivor stories to bringing the spotlight on the latest developments in medical and technical field, food, travel, luxury, fashion, automobile and other things, there is a lot to grasp in every single edition of this magazine. Published every month, WeCanServe is a peer-reviewed and internationally reputed journal. With subscription of more than 11000 copies, the magazine reaches top-notch oncologist, cancer survivors, cancer care NGOs, libraries and many more. It is an essential read for all those who have an active interest in cancer, be it a patient or a doctor, top oncologist or a pharmacologist or a social worker. Its diverse forums of discussions allow the readers to explore new dimensions of their own discipline as well as brush up their knowledge in related fields.

This magazine is meticulously designed and edited under the supervision of Dr. Ulhas Ganu, an ace research scientist who comes with an ardent experience of 27 years into basic cancer research followed by an equal number of years of association with Pharmaceutical industry. Working as Senior Scientific Officer at the Cancer Research Institute, he had the opportunity to work in the Chemotherapy Division, Pharmacokinetic and Drug Targeting Unit and Bio-organic Unit handling wide array of topics from oncology such as Studies Experimental Cancer Chemotherapy, Drug combinations to enhance anticancer activity of existing drugs in murine tumours through drug – drug interactions, metabolic studies using radio-isotopic molecules, working on synthetic organic molecules and isolation of natural products from medicinal herbs as potential anticancer agents. He was honoured with the IDMA Award in the faculty of Phytochemistry and Pharmacognosy for the best research paper published in their publication in 1991. As a member of Product Development team working on enhancing yield of Methotrexate for economic production, Dr. Ganu participated successfully in modifying intermediary steps leading to process patent in 1990’s. He also has to his credit a number of publications and has presented work in a large number of conferences. Dr. Ganu has also played a vital role as an advisor to many pharmaceutical companies for over 27 years. A certified Yoga trainer Dr. Ganu has published his insights on Yoga in e books, ‘Making Sense with the Essence of Yoga’ and ‘Meditation for Everyone’. With an immensely talented team working with this maestro, WeCanServe Magazine is an embodiment of the fight against cancer and of the life beyond cancer.