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Yoga – Mahalaxmi Mudra

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Yoga – Mahalaxmi Mudra

Mahalaxmi Mudra Yoga

By Dr Ulhas Ganu

The genesis of Mahalaxmi Mudra Yoga:

  • Shri Mahalaxmi is the Goddess of Prosperity.
  • Shri Mahalaxmi is also the Goddess of Wisdom, Success and is associated with Success in life.
  • Shri Mahalaxmi is also associated with generosity and gives us the will and ability to support the needy.
  • This aspect of Mahalaxmi Mudra impressed me as the Mudra encourages the practitioner to understand the difference between need and greed.
  • The Mudra also teaches us that while Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is for Corporate we as individuals cannot shirk our responsibility.
  • Let us look at Individual Social Responsibility (ISR) passionately and donate form a cause.

Points to Remember:

  1. Shri Mahalaxmi Mudra is a very auspicious Mudra. It is a gesture by hand.
  2. Since it is an auspicious Mudra, the recommended sitting posture is padmasana.
  3. However, it is not a pre-condition and one can practice Mahalaxmi Mudra by sitting in simple sitting postures like Swastikasana, Vajrasana or Bhadrasana.
  4. The arrangement of the hands and the fingers as the mechanical aspect is the essential technique of Shri Mahalaxmi Mudra.
  5. The breathing pattern and the position of the fingers define the essence of the Mudra.
  6. One can practice Mahalaxmi Mudra sitting in Chair. This is suitable for the elderly and for those who find it difficult to sit in a cross-legged position because of arthritis or any other reason.
Yoga – Mahalaxmi Mudra 1
Mahalaxmi Mudra Yoga
Yoga – Mahalaxmi Mudra 2

Method of performing Mahalaxmi Mudra Yoga :

1. Sit in Padmasana or any other comfortable position. Eyes are closed.

2. Fold arms and place them in the Namaskara position at the chest nearer to the heart region.

3. Placed over each other, hands are relaxed, fingers of the right hand touching corresponding fingers of the left hand lightly. (Fig. 1)

4. Now open up the palms and fingers to form a lotus-like formation (Fig.2). Recite the Mantra “Aum Shreem Shree Mahalaxmiyai Namo Mamah” 10 times in the mind (not loudly).

5. Pray and seek blessings from the Goddess. What we seek is Wisdom, Health, Wealth, Success, and Prosperity. We request to bestow upon us prosperity not only for ourselves but to endow us with the ability to help the needy and be successful in the mission.

6. After 10 recitations close the hands and come back to the starting position.

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There are no obvious contraindications and only a word of caution for arthritis and rheumatoid arthritis patients who may find opening up of the hands difficult.

Benefits of Mahalaxmi Mudra Yoga:

It is recommended and desirable that we donate or utilize a part of our income for the benefit of needy. This Mudra encourages a philanthropist attitude so essential for the betterment of society. Mere knowledge is not enough for success in life. It is the wisdom that allows for proper use of knowledge. We seek wealth, wisdom and health from the Goddess of Wealth, Shri Mahalaxmi.

Positivity of the Mahalaxmi Mudra Yoga :

  • Mahalaxmi Mudra is Meditative in nature.
  • The mind becomes calm and quiet which helps creativity.
  • Philanthropy imbibed in the mind greed is wiped out which makes mind stable.


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