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Turmeric: 10 Reasons why this golden spice is more valuable than gold.

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Turmeric: 10 Reasons why this golden spice is more valuable than gold.

Turmeric: 10 Reasons why this golden spice is more valuable than gold.

The golden spice is a natural healer. It has the potential to prevent heart diseases, skin allergies, cold, cough, and even cancer.

One of the oldest Indian kitchen spices, turmeric is now reckoned as a magical medicine.

A healer of ails. An axe for allergies. A fighter of diseases. A protector of the body. Turmeric is the king of all spices.

Turmeric contains Curcumin which is proven to be an ultimate cure.  

Be it a chronic pain or cold and cough. Fever or flu. Dementia or depression. Alzheimer’s or arthritis. Diabetes or cancer. Curcumin heals all!

Ancient Ayurveda has always advocated the benefits of this golden spice. And in recent times, even the west is waking up to its wonders. It’s amazing medicinal properties makes this golden spice more valuable than gold!

10 Reasons why this Turmeric is more valuable than gold

1. Amazing anti-inflammatory actions

The yellow spice contains curcumin. It is a bio-active compound that has powerful anti-inflammatory properties. It inhibits the molecules that causes inflammation in the body.

Be it acne or arthritis, turmeric is sure to soothe the pain!

It is effective in soothing inflammation and controlling pain. It is beneficial in all types of arthritis and painful conditions.

This golden spice has anti-bacterial and antiseptic properties. Hence, it is very effective when applied topically on cuts and bruises. It is widely used to combat skin allergies and maintain healthy glow.

2. Rejuvenating antioxidizing properties

Its natural anti-oxidizing properties that fights off the free radicals. It combats oxidative stress, fights fatigue and delays ageing.

Oxidative stress is responsible for many chronic diseases.

The golden spice has double action against free radicals. Curcumin blocks the free radicals directly. It further stimulates the body’s natural anti-oxidant mechanisms.

Its regular intake helps in preventing cell damage. Cell mutation is the main reason behind cancer. Thus, research says that turmeric has preventive benefits in cancer.

3. Take over your depression

Turmeric: 10 Reasons why this golden spice is more valuable than gold.

Research quoted emerging evidence for turmeric’s anti-depressant properties. Studies consider curcumin as a potent option for complementary treatment to several neurological disorders.

Depression is associated with increased inflammation. It is a result of chronic low-grade inflammation and oxidative stress. The golden spice has both antioxidizing and anti-inflammatory action. It helps in treating inflammatory condition related to mood disorders.

Curcumin also boosts the productions of serotonin and dopamine. These are the two “happy” chemicals in the brain.

Regular consumption of this golden spice stabilizes mood and combats depression. It is proven to be equally effective to some of the modern drugs without the side-effects!

4. Avoid Arthritis with amazing turmeric

The medicinal root has astounding benefits in relieving pain and inflammation in arthritis. The anti-inflammatory curcumin in turmeric keeps your joints healthy. It keeps them from getting inflamed and swollen.

This kitchen staple is particularly beneficial in osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis. Research shows that 500 g of turmeric consumed daily can be very effective in the management of rheumatoid arthritis.

5. Stay Away from Alzheimer’s

Scientific research has found that curcumin helps to curb inflammation and combat oxidative stress. The two factors that may contribute to Alzheimer’s disease, a leading cause of dementia.

Curcumin boosts brain derived neurotrophic factor (BDNF). It is a kind of protein crucial for long term memory. This protein increases the growth of new neurons in the brain and fights degenerative progress.

Curcumin further prevents the breakdown of brain cells that occur in Alzheimer’s disease. It inhibits the formation of plaques in brain. And thus, helps in preventing the onset of Alzheimer’s disease.

6. Say Good bye to cold and cough with Golden spice

Turmeric: 10 Reasons why this golden spice is more valuable than gold.
Turmeric Milk

In India, ‘haldi’ is widely used as a remedy for cold and cough. The modern turmeric latte is an ancient formula for combating fever, cold and cough.

7. Turmeric boosts stress tolerance

Stress is a silent killer that opens the gate to many diseases. It increases hypertension, affects heart health and impairs the immune system. In fact, stress is one of the deep-rooted risks of cancer.

Turmeric is a natural adaptogen. It helps in modulating the release of stress hormones.  This helps in keeping the hormones balanced and adapting to physical and mental stress.

Stress also whacks the hormones which can result in weight gain. Regular consumption of Turmeric restores the hormone balance. Thus, it also helps in weight loss!

8. Manage your diabetes with the yellow spice

Ayurveda has mentioned the use of turmeric in the management of diabetes some thousand centuries ago. And now, scientists are concurring with this concept!

Review studies found that curcumin helps in stabilizing glucose levels in the blood. It also helps in preventing the complications caused by diabetes.

Curcumin can reduce the risk of diabetes even in high risk patients.

9. Resolve your indigestion issues with turmeric

Turmeric: 10 Reasons why this golden spice is more valuable than gold.

Turmeric is an age-old home remedy for indigestion, bloating and gas. It improves digestion and relieves gut inflammation.

Also, curcumin stimulates the gall bladder that produces bile. Bile helps in breaking down of food particles.

Turmeric may also help people with ulcerative colitis. It is effective in inflammatory bowel disease and other digestion issues.

10. Curcumin for cancer

Inflammation and oxidative stress are closely linked to cancer risks!

Inflammation increases the risk of tumor. Oxidative stress spikes the risk of cell damage that can result in cancerous cells.

Curcumin in turmeric is a potent weapon against both. It is claimed that Curcumin’s anti-inflammatory properties exerts chemopreventive effects on carcinogens.

Research validates the use of this golden spice to combat cancer. Particularly that of colon, stomach, lung, breast, and skin.

Amazing ways to sprinkle the spice

  1. Drink warm lemon water with turmeric.
  2. Try Ayurvedic Haldi Tonic. Its a blend of ginger, turmeric, coconut water, orange, carrot, honey and pepper.
  3. Add the amazing golden drink.
  4. Spread it over your salad.
  5. Drink your juices with a pinch of turmeric.
  6. Try the delicious turmeric and ginger tea.
  7. Add it to your rice.

Conclusion – The invaluable spice!

In an era when humanity is plagued by diseases, turmeric shines as the golden spice that prevents, heals and protects! No doubt it is a staple in every kitchen.

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