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Editor’s Note – Jan 2018

Editor's Note Editors Speak January 2018

Editor’s Note – Jan 2018

Cover Page - Jan 2018

Who gets to decide the fairness or unfairness of life? Who else, but each of us? When life seems to take unpredictable, unfamiliar roads, we flinch a little, and we often hope not to be led that way again. But the bold and beautiful Sarika Rana’s story about the odds she defied in her battle against cancer showed me that leaving it all up to destiny is the excuse of the coward, and that the brave create their own destiny.

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Arun and Kavita Gupta’s novel initiative, WinOverCancer, is making life seem less daunting for breast cancer survivors. Our cover story features seven oncology brands that are bringing about significant waves of change in the field of cancer care. Their innovative breakthroughs prove that our country has readied its quiver for the battle against cancer. In the pages that follow, we discuss art therapy, a home-based palliative care programme, and other gripping stories. Every story that has found its place in this issue of WeCanServe is close to our hearts and is sure to open your eyes to the silver lining in life. We hope you enjoy reading it as much as we enjoyed creating it. As always, sending love and light your way!

Lidiya Prasad

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