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A Click Away

App Review BIZ Gadgets Innovation July 2018 Startup

A Click Away

LogonDr is a revolutionary app that makes busy doctors’ lives a tad bit easier

By Sundar Thirugnanam

While there are many apps and software in the market that enable patients to get information on medical practitioners in their neighborhood, there is not much available that enables medical practitioners to stay connected with their patients. The usual apps on the app store have, to an extent, reduced the medical practitioner to a vendor of service where they are rated and reviewed for their skills by users, who as per my opinion, are not educated enough to know the reason for success or failure of their treatments.

WeAppLabs’ LogonDr addresses the nagging issues every doctor faces. The paperwork that needs to be maintained for each of their interactions, scheduling an appointment, attending to ad hoc patient requests and emergencies. There are three different front-end accesses: one for the patients, one for the doctor on his/her smartphone and a dashboard for the doctor that can be accessed through a browser on their computer. The patient side of the app is custom configured for each medical practitioner. For instance, Dr. Rajesh can have his own app in the app store and inform his patients to use it to access all his services and stay in touch with him. This helps with respect to branding for the clinic. The app for patients goes way beyond checking the availability of the doctor and booking appointments. When you, as a patient, open the app, you are taken to the home screen with the following options:


A Click Away 1

This tab allows you to check current and past appointments. It has an option to book an appointment. You will be pleasantly surprised when you click the “+” sign to fix an appointment. Apart from the usual mode of booking an appointment, you also have the option to chat with the doctor or make a video call. The video call has two options: book a slot an hour prior or request for an instant call. I feel the instant call option will be very handy in case of emergencies. You have the option to pay for the services through the app. The basic appointment option also takes into consideration different clinics the doctor is available at.


This option gives you direct access to current and previous chats with the doctor or their assistant. A nifty feature if you want to be sure about what exactly the doctor advised, in case of doubt.


You have access to all your records through the app, including test results, prescriptions, and assessments. You also have the option to add your test results. This is quite a handy feature for patients with diabetes or blood pressure; you can record your daily, weekly readings into the app on your own The ability to add records with a great number of pre-defined categories adds value to this feature. You can include your allergies, immunization details, insurance details and more.

Medicine Orders

This section allows you to place the order for your prescriptions. All you have to do is upload the prescription; the doctor can also do this for you when they write it up. Select the prescription and place an order for the quantities you need.

Action List

This allows you to set up reminders for things that you need to do to take care of your health. Set a reminder for your medication, or any activity that you need to do, or just to remind you when to meet your doctor next. Overall the patient-facing app makes life easy for the patient to interact with their medical practitioner. In case you are traveling and fall sick and need to visit a local medical practitioner, you are carrying your complete medical history in your pocket.

Doctor Facing App & Web Dashboard

As a medical practitioner, apart from taking care of the patients, there are a lot of tasks to be carried out to maintain the clinic. Like retrieving medical records, scheduling appointments, tracking medical test results and the like. This app addresses all the concerns of the doctor and helps them deliver an exceptional experience to their patients. As soon as you log in to the dashboard/app, you have the most important option of keeping your patients informed about their appointment status. If you must attend to an emergency and will be late or must cancel the appointments for the day, just hit the “Cancel Today’s Appts” or “I Am Late” button and your schedule is taken care of.

The neat dashboard gives you a view of the entire day by displaying your upcoming appointments, any chats that you may be engaged in with a patient, and quick access to patient records in the Patient Engagement section. The interface, aptly named Assistant, is also enabled for voice interaction. The voice recognition assistant is quite good and is well configured to retrieve any information from the system. There are pragmatic features built into the systems, like the ability to type in notes for patient records as well as uploading physical records through image capture. You are not tied to a physical location to access the patient records.

Everything is at your fingertips. The application also allows you to configure the rates of individual services, locations to deliver the service and to charge for the services through the application via online payment options. Since you are able to configure the rates for every kind of interaction request, as a business, the software allows you to monetize every interaction, thereby eliminating revenue leaks caused by free consultations. An added feature in the app allows the medical practitioner to share informative videos, articles etc. from websites like YouTube, Facebook and LinkedIn.

There is also a feature to upload self-written articles to the app to share with patients subscribed to the app. If you are using this app, you do not need to worry about hiring a receptionist or assistant to help you with the backend operations of maintaining a clinic. In case you ever get stuck while using the application, there is a comprehensive FAQ and Help section. For the tech-averse person, there is a live chat support option. Overall, this piece of software will help you focus on taking care of your patients and worry less about managing the service delivery and business part of running a clinic.

Sundar Thirugnanam has been in the IT sector for over 20 years. His focus is on innovative technology that enables better ways to deliver services and manage customer experiences. You can reach him at [email protected]

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