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Around The Globe – March 2019

Around the globe Cancer FEATURED Health and Wellness Inspiration

Around The Globe – March 2019

around the globe


Cancer Research UK has come up with a unique fundraising campaign. The Dryathlon encouraged alcohol drinkers to give up drinking for the month of January. Becoming a ‘Dryathlete’ was said to be the ultimate test of willpower. Participants could donate the money they would have otherwise spent on alcohol saved to the cause. Those willing to go the extra mile could raise additional funds by roping in their friends and the community at large.


The Grace Cancer Foundation, which provides holistic cancer care, organised a cancer run in Hyderabad. The foundation facilitates every stage from education for prevention to early diagnosis, through treatment and assistance much beyond medical facilities. It believes that early detection and lifestyle modification are the keys to conquering cancer. Which is why their campaigns focus on promoting physical activities like running. These not only bring in the necessary funds for operation but provide the foundation with a wonderful avenue to educate the masses.


Grameen Sneh Foundation organised a cyclothon in Delhi to bring together the community to fight against cancer. The objective of the campaign was to help people understand that they could be saved from this dreadful experience through a little proactive action: early detection. The money raised was used to help cancer survivors and champions.


On the event of World Cancer Day, Cytecare Cancer Hospitals, Bengaluru, did a campaign with a simple but straightforward idea: How to converse with a cancer patient. It is normal for a person to be overwhelmed with emotions and say something that might unintentionally hurt a patient who is already physically and mentally drained out. The campaign video showed a man holding cards, each with an important message educating its viewers on the nuances of sharing and talking to cancer patients, teaching us to be sensitive to their needs.


The ladies from the Cairns Golf Club organised a Pink Golf Day to raise money to help combat cancer. Most members of the club had family members who have been affected by the disease. The fun event to raise awareness against breast cancer saw players dressed in pink outfits playing 18 holes in teams of four each. The highlight of the event was the learning experience, when cancer survivors (some of the players) recounted their fight with the dreadful disease.

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