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Around The Globe – Aug 2019

Around the globe August 2019 Cancer Health and Wellness Inspiration

Around The Globe – Aug 2019

Around The Globe - Aug 2019


In an amazingly fraternal move, more than 30 restaurants in Kitchener, Canada, have come together to participate in a fundraiser titled KW Clubs For Brain Cancer. Inspired by Alex Janke, head chef at Gilt Restaurant, who is being treated for stage four glioblastoma, the restaurants are selling their version of Janke’s favourite club sandwiches to raise money for cancer research. All proceeds from the fundraiser went to Juravinski Cancer Centre in Hamilton, where Janke was being treated.


Pancreatic cancer often touted to be the world’s toughest cancer, is the third leading cause of cancer deaths in the US. Worse, the five-year survival rate of this cancer stands at a mere 9 per cent despite technological advances in the field of oncology. The Chicago affiliate of the Pancreatic Cancer Action Network held PurpleStride last month, a community walk that aimed to raise funds for pancreatic cancer research. One of the stated aims of the event is to double the pancreatic cancer survival rates.


The first Sunday in June is celebrated as National Cancer Survivors Day, and to mark this very special day, Kolkata-based DS Research Centre organised a walk to celebrate the grit of survivors. It was also used as an awareness initiative to spread the word on the challenges faced by survivors as well as to motivate those who are undergoing cancer treatment. The centre also launched a nationwide campaign that highlighted the importance of support for cancer patients and survivors.


Lux launched a social initiative to get women talking about breast cancer, and to motivate them to do self-checks. In a move that veers starkly away from its celebrity-focused campaign, HUL brought out a Lux soap that has a lump at a breast cancer screening camp conducted by the Indian Cancer Society (ICS) in Maharashtra. The soap, created exclusively for the campaign, was given out to women of different age groups. They were also handed a leaflet educating them on the importance of breast cancer awareness. HUL plans to collaborate with ICS to spreading breast cancer awareness across India.


Kenya is currently looking at a bill that proposes to introduce cancer centres in all 47 counties in the country. The Cancer Control And Prevention (Amendment) Bill 2019 is currently before the Senate and also looks to bring down the burden on the country’s largest public referral institution, Kenyatta National Hospital. Cancer is currently the third-largest killer in the country, after pneumonia and malaria.


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