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Braving The Storm

July 2018 Lifestyle PhotoEssay

Braving The Storm

July 2018 - Braving the Storm

Finding the strength within oneself, to fight life’s vagaries and emerge a winner… we all have the potential for greatness in us. But few find it, and even fewer hold on to the essence of it. A photo essay of hope, grit and determination.

Braving The Storm 1
Miracles everywhere
Nature reminds us that Life can be beautiful and stupendous, just as it can be tragic at times. Find the magic, and hold on tight.
Braving The Storm 2
You matter
It is easy to give up hope. But the old proverb still holds good: When the going gets tough,
the tough get going.
Braving The Storm 3
A diary of gratefulness
Attitude matters. Often, it is all that keeps us from falling into a sea of despair. Let us celebrate an attitude of gratitude.
Braving The Storm 4
Love notes
Notes to yourself, letters from loved ones, favorite
pictures, anything that puts a smile on your face can
give you hope.
Braving The Storm 5
Whither, dreams?
Optimism is a panacea for many ills. Keeping
up a hopeful demeanor and believing that
goodwill triumph will see you through.
Braving The Storm 6
Never give up
This hardy bloom, blossoming in the middle of
a dry, dusty neverland, is perhaps the symbol of
persistence and hopefulness.

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