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Celebrate Life

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Celebrate Life

Here are 10 fitness apps to up the ante of your fitness programme.

By Rosy Jose

Google Fit

Sept 2018 - Google Fit

Google Fit is a simple fitness tracker for those without complicated fitness regimes. This app can be downloaded onto any Android device and uses the device’s built-in sensors (phone or other wearable devices) to track commonly measured fitness data like steps taken, calories burnt, route and distance covered. The user interface is clean and crisp. Through simple color-coded graphs, the app helps users compare and understand their activity levels (day, week) along with the set fitness goals.

Devices: Android
Best feature: Simple to use, Free


Sept 2018 - Strava

Strava was one of the earliest entrants in the fitness app space. While the app is well known among runners and cyclists, it is now gaining traction with other fitness activities as well (swimming and surfing). The user interface is uncluttered and seamless. The most notable feature is the integrated social network, which allows users to follow each other and give kudos (likes) when a fellow user has accomplished their target. The creators have also integrated a leaderboard, which has the statistics of fellow users along with their routes. It also offers a premium version.

Devices: Android, iOS
Best feature:Social Networking

Nike Training Club

Sept 2018 - Nike Training Club

Nike Training Club is a very extensive-yet-stylish app that offers more than 100 workouts that are designed by professional trainers. Some of the workouts feature famous athletes like Cristiano Ronaldo and Serena Williams. Workouts can be customized depending on the endurance, mobility, strength and time available. The app continuously monitors the user’s progress and schedule, to design a flexible training plan. The videos can be connected to a television using Chromecast, Apple TV or HDMI cable.

Devices: Android, iOS
Best feature: Comprehensive and adaptive, Free

Charity Miles

Sept 2018 - Charity Miles

Charity Miles is a fitness app that allows users to donate money to a charity of their choice by just exercising (walking, running or cycling). There are over 30 charities that one can choose from. Sponsors (like Timex and Johnson & Johnson) donate money to the app, which in turn gets allocated to the charities depending on the activity levels of the pledged users. So next time don’t just walk a mile, donate a mile.

Devices: Android, iOS
Best feature: Feel-good factor, Free


Sept 2018 - Headspace

Headspace is your personal meditation and sleep coach. Routines are designed to calm the mind and body for a stress-free and happy lifestyle. It offers 6 types of meditation packs with calming voiceovers— happiness, health, brave, work, sports, and student— each subdivided to help you through different situations in life. It even has specially-designed sleep meditation sequences. The free version teaches only the essentials of meditation; paid subscription lets the user experience all the features of the app.

Devices: Android, iOS
Best feature: Personal coach and mini-meditation routines


Sept 2018 - Sworkit

Sworkit is a workout app that helps customize workout routines without going to the gym. It has three workout plans to choose from: Leaner, Fitter or Stronger with workout drills for all experience levels (basic to advanced). It helps you fit in quick workouts around your busy schedule. Each workout set is different to ensure the user is alert and boredom does not kick in. The app offers a 30-day free trial, after which users have to opt for paid subscriptions.

Devices: Android, iOS
Best feature: Quick workout routines

Fit Radio

Sept 2018 - Fit Radio

Fit Radio is the app that promises fresh music for your workout every day. It has high-energy, exercise-oriented music mixes, suitable for everything from running and Zumba or Crossfit and even yoga. It motivates the user to keep up the pace throughout. For the extra boost, they even have audio-coached workouts to push you to finish your routine. The app offers a 30- day free trial, after which users have to opt for paid subscriptions.

Devices: Android, iOS
Best feature: Mixes by professional DJs


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