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Chronicling The Healers

PhotoEssay December 2017 Lifestyle

Chronicling The Healers

By Shiyas Ahamed

One month, four states, five amazing lives. For me, it was a revelation, looking through the camera lens at these doctors who have selflessly dedicated their lives to healing people with one of the most terrifying and morale-sapping diseases the world has ever seen: cancer. I have often felt that cancer is one of those diseases that kill you before it actually does; the mere diagnosis sometimes taking away the will to fight for survival. This is why what these doctors do is even more magical: working as healers of the body and the mind, boosting patients’ morale and inspiring them to fight the disease with all their might. This journey has changed my life in many ways; it has taught me perseverance, resilience, and the importance of giving back much more. It has opened my eyes to the beauty in the mundane.

Keep Walking

Chronicling The Healers 1
The biggest weapon in the fight against cancer is you. Not being cowed by the diagnosis, not being bullied by the disease, not giving up on life: this is what matters


Chronicling The Healers 2
Find happiness in the little things life has to offer. Living in the here and now is perhaps the only way to be. Create your own happy space.

Reflect on who you are

Chronicling The Healers 3
The essence of who you are is not defined by
an ailment. Taking a trip down memory lane can
help you rejuvenate and reclaim your spirit.

The Colours of Hope

Chronicling The Healers 4
Sunset is full of promise; it reminds you that brighter dawn awaits you tomorrow. That you can survive the darkness. That no matter how long the night is, it will eventually end.
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