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Editor’s Note – Dec 2018

Editors Speak December 2018 Other Category

Editor’s Note – Dec 2018

WeCanServe Magazine

Technology, innovation, and growth: buzzwords we encounter in the news every single day. Usually, these are the privileges of the lucky few. The masses are often the last to benefit from cutting edge changes in technology, especially in fast-evolving sectors like healthcare. Which is why Dr B S Ajaikumar’s hub-and-spoke model of cancer care, instituted through the HCG group of hospitals, is the stuff of Harvard Business School case studies.

Accessibility and affordability in keeping with his ‘the right way, the first time’ philosophy is the focus of HCG. Let’s meet the man with a vision. Genetic research makes up a large part of HCG’s R&D agenda. It is exactly this kind of research that facilitated a first-of-its-kind victory in India earlier this year: a Bengaluru woman gave birth to twins free from hereditary BRCA1 gene with the help of genetic diagnosis. To be reborn after a life-threatening disease often causes one to rethink life’s priorities. A bout with cancer caused our survivor, Delhi’s matka man, to dedicate his life to helping the poor. Take a trip to Fiji for ‘island-sized bites of happiness’. Also, read more about mental healthcare for cancer patients in our back-of-the-book section.

Dr Ulhas Ganu
[email protected]


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