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Editor’s Note – Feb 2018

Editor's Note Editors Speak February 2018

Editor’s Note – Feb 2018

Cover Page - Feb 2018

This issue is one filled with promise, one which celebrates the doers, the dreamers, and the daring. Through our stories, we take you on a ride to the land of limitless possibilities and life-saving creations. Our cover story chronicles the tumultuous yet brave journey of ace cricketer Yuvraj Singh in his fight against cancer. His resilience and undying determination to make life less daunting for fellow cancer survivors, especially kids, gave us YouWeCan, an NGO that aids children who have survived cancer in their education.

Prof. Raghavan’s novel anti-cancer drug design is giving India hopes for a future where cancer is no more an unconquerable malady. Iksha Foundation is helping kids beat a rare type of eye cancer and AIndra Systems is doing everything in their might to make early detection of cervical cancer an easy reality. A new digitized education module is helping doctors, especially those in the rural areas, learn more about preventive oncology, early detection, and treatment.

Guiding the country to light is the Gujarat Cancer & Research Institute, which is giving cancer research a new dimension. This issue seeks to empower its reader to see the meaning in life’s most daunting circumstances, to find the pearl hidden in the mire, and to celebrate life with every single breath. Wishing you a very happy reading experience.

Dr Ulhas Ganu
[email protected]

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