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Colouring The Future

February 2018 Lifestyle PhotoEssay

Colouring The Future

The youth are undoubtedly the leaders of tomorrow. When the Pink Street campaign unfolded at the Krishna Institute of Medical Sciences in laid-back Karad in rural Maharashtra, the message of cancer awareness took on a vibrant hue, thanks to the enthusiastic participation of more than 1,500 students. The making of India’s largest hand-printed cancer awareness ribbon on February 3, a day before World Cancer Day, was indeed a sight worth witnessing.

By Shiyas Ahamed
Colouring The Future 1

A moment’s pause
When the pace of life gets frenetic, a break is but necessary. A respite from the day’s hectic activity during the making of the hand-printed cancer awareness ribbon

Colouring The Future 2

Turning a corner
When things begin to take shape, and the fundamentals are being laid out, it is important to ensure that every detail is taken care of. The key to success lies in attending to the nitty-gritty.

Colouring The Future 3
Colouring The Future 4

Here, give me a hand
Change begins with one and becomes monumental when everyone joins in. Do your bit and spread the message; let your actions inspire others.

Colouring The Future 5

Taking the fight to the streets
The people of Karad joined in with fervor to celebrate World Cancer Day. Bike rallies, street plays, calligraphic messages… there was no stopping them from ensuring that the message of cancer prevention reached every resident of the town.


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