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Editor’s Note – Feb 2019

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Editor’s Note – Feb 2019

Cover Page of WeCanServe Magazine

Nobel Prize-winning biochemist Albert Szent-Györgyi once described research thus: “Research is to see what everybody else has seen, and to think what nobody else has thought.” In the annals of cancer research, particularly in recent years, there couldn’t have been truer words. Groundbreaking work has been happening, at a much faster pace than ever before, in the field of cancer research, both in terms of prevention and cure. Advancements in immunotherapy and genomics have taken the world much closer to the possibility of a customised cancer cure that could have been imagined a decade ago.

In this issue, we take a look at some of the leading cancer research institutes in the country, and the work they have been doing to bring relief to the millions suffering from the dreaded disease. Just as important as the cure is prevention: Global Oncology’s comic book on cervical cancer helps take the message of prevention to young people, in a way they can understand and relate to. Our expert column, Technically Speaking, delves into the perils of spurious cancer medicines that are being circulated in the country. Paralympian Brenna Huck and her snowboarding prowess show us, yet again, that there is life after cancer. As ever, our back-of-the-book section brings you stress-busting reads, from travelling to Switzerland to the latest buzz about gadgets and apps.

Happy reading!

Dr Ulhas Ganu
[email protected]


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