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Editor’s Note – July 2018

Column Editor's Note Editors Speak July 2018

Editor’s Note – July 2018

July 2018 - Editors Note

This is not an issue for the faint-hearted. This time, we bring you tales from beyond the vast wilderness of devastation and misery and desolation. Tales that could easily have been tragic, or worse, pathetic. But these are stories of phoenixes and rainbows. Of sheer grit and resolve. Stories of resurrection and a never-say-die spirit. These are the stories that need to be repeated over and over again, for generations to come. So that there may be hope. So that the brave will always triumph. Five survivors, each fiercer than the last. With stories that will move you, and inspire you.

India’s foray into bringing AR into healthcare is another such inspiring story we have for you in this issue. As is the interview with Dr. Randeep Singh, who emphasizes the importance of clinical trials in finding a cure for cancer. Movies, books, gadgets, travel… we have all the sections that will take your mind off the hectic. And if calm is still a difficult zone for you, do skip ahead to our story on Vipassana meditation.

Dr Ulhas Ganu
[email protected]

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