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Fantastic Five: The Change Makers

Cover Story December 2017 Health and Wellness

Fantastic Five: The Change Makers

Contributors: Harshikaa Udasi, Archana Rao, Dcruz Sumi Thomas

Cancer statistics are often frightening and ominous, the figures for India particularly so. Over 14 lakh people affected with the disease, 7 lakh people being diagnosed with cancer every year and more than 5 lakh cancer deaths. There does not seem to be a glimmer of hope. And yet, there is. Hope lies in the many committed oncologists and oncology surgeons who have dedicated their lives to curing the disease and finding new ways for the survivors to cope. Hope lies in the increasing number of centres dedicated to cancer care that are investing in research and collaborating to ensure superior, standardized treatment. Hope lies in the renewed focus on prevention and screening, which leads to early detection and thus, better chances of survival and of the survivor getting back to a normal life.

In our journey to showcase this message of hope for cancer patients and survivors alike, we decided to highlight five oncologists, who stand apart with their decades of committed and exemplary service in the field. Like head and neck oncology surgeon Dr Vishal Rao, who designed a voice prosthesis for cancer survivors that would be affordable to even the poorest of patients. Dr V P Gangadharan is another name that cancer patients trust for his relentless service and also the cancer society he has helped set up in order to motivate survivors and to spread awareness. Dr Suresh Advani, who has received the Padma Shri and the Padma Bhushan, is another unyielding warrior in the fight against cancer. Even at 70 he keeps going till the wee hours, ensuring every patient gets the attention and care they deserve. Dr Swapnil Mane began the Dr Mane Foundation and Research Centre to reach quality cancer care to rural patients. Dr V Shanta, who heads the Adyar Cancer Institute, is one of the pioneers behind setting up some of the most cutting-edge processes in cancer care. Read on to find out more about these stalwarts in the field of oncology.

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