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Fashion – Oct 2018

Fashion Lifestyle October 2018

Fashion – Oct 2018

Oct 2018 - Fashion

Friday Formals

Fashion - Oct 2018 1

Light blue shirt

Linens are synonymous with workwear, with their breathable fabric and crisp look. Moreover, you can never go wrong with a pastel color, subtle and smart.

Olive green slacks

Give your ensemble a little more character, pop with a pair of olive green pants. It downplays the overly formal tone of your blazer while matching with it flawlessly.

Cream blazer

With work environments getting more relaxed, suiting up is a rare event. But you can bring back a piece of the suiting era by pulling on a cream blazer.

Layer Up!

White shirt

If you’re layering your outfit, you can never make mistakes with a white shirt. It pairs with every color without making it look like you put too much effort.

Grey pants

Layering and colder climates often go hand in hand. Another thing synonymous with winter is grey, which is why grey pants would be a great way to complete the look.

Burgundy jumper

With limited choices, it’s best to play with color. This is why a muted toned burgundy jumper would be perfect if you want to switch up your usual look.

Morden Panache

Fashion - Oct 2018 2

White fitted T-shirt

This look is all about taking staple items from your wardrobe and turning them into a different and edgy outfit, starting with a white T-shirt.

Denim shorts

We don’t pull out our denim shorts often enough, but this different look gives you more reason to put your denim shorts to work.

Silver stilettos

You don’t need a special day to put your stilettos to work. Finish this casual look with your silver heels and make your outfit a fitting look for an evening get together.

Brunch Wear

Floppy Hat

Floppy hats come naturally with brunches, making them the perfect accessory for your fun and flirty midday look.

Olive green jumpsuit

Put aside the regular denim jumpsuits. These olive green jumpsuits are light and casual and the perfect alternative to dresses. They also have large pockets, allowing you to go bagless.

Flat sandals

Pair your breezy jumpsuit with brown, buckled up sandals. Since brown and green are a great aesthetic pair, these sandals seem like the obvious choice.

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