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Fashion – Jan 2019

Fashion January 2019 Lifestyle

Fashion – Jan 2019

Fashion - Jan 2019
Fashion Jan 19 1

Beating The Blues

White shirt

Start your week right with your wardrobe staple! Pick your best white shirt and button-up for a productive day ahead!

Beige slacks

Don’t overthink it with your pants. Pair your jacket with mild-toned slacks.

Salmon jacket

How do you beat the Monday blues? You put some color on it. Pull-on a salmon pink jacket to set the mood for the day.

Street Swag

White snapback hat

A good ol’ snapback is all part of the street culture.

Ice blue jeans

This ensemble is all about the blues. Pull-on your ice blue jeans to perfectly tone down the drabness in your look.

Navy blue sweatshirt

Grab your baggy sweatshirt for an effortless day out.

Navy blue sweatshirt Grab your baggy sweatshirt for an effortless day out.

Cozy In Style

Black halter tops

It’s a no-brainer that black is a favorite. A fitted halter top can allow you to experiment with your pants.

Beige palazzos

Put more flair to your outfit with some beige palazzos. A most stylish way to take the comfort of your pajamas outdoors.

Leather loafers

A tip when you pick your clothes: subtly match your ensemble. In this case, your accessory can go splendidly with a pair of loafers.

Black & White Collar

White knit top

Switch up the usual white shirt with a well-knit white top that tucks neatly into your skirt.

Black flats

A workday is filled with running around and you need a pair of sensible flats to keep you moving till the evening.

Black pencil skirt

Big meeting? A pencil skirt is all the power move you need to bring your finesse to the table.


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