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Fashion -June 2019

Fashion June 2019 Lifestyle

Fashion -June 2019

June 2019 - Fashion

Messenger Boy

Jun 2019 - Fashion (1)

Crewneck Sweatshirt

The classic crewneck sweatshirt is lightweight and movement-friendly, without compromising on style.

Bomber Jacket

Complement the sporty vibe with a versatile nylon bomber jacket

Fitted Joggers

A perfectly-fitted sporty jogger can up any athleisure look.

Evening Smart

Jun 2019 - Fashion (4)

Tee Casual

A simple and subtle tee can go a long way in showcasing your style quotient.

Athleisure Suit

Get a well-fitted and perfectly-tailored, twopiece athleisure suit, which includes plain lounge pants and a lightweight blazer.

Slip-on Sneakers

Swank up the look with a pair of slip-on smart trainer sneakers.

The Errand Girl Look

Jun 2019 - Fashion (3)

Camo Jacket

Team this with an eye-grabbing piece like a blue camo jacket making it the focal point of your look.

Racerback Tank Top

Trade in your simple tee for a black racerback tank to automatically glam up that casual look.


Pair this with a black highwaist, full-length leggings to show off your beautiful curves.

A Casual Evening Affair

Jun 2019 - Fashion (2)


An edgy leather jacket throws casual yet sophisticated flair.

Athletic Top

Show everyone that you have panache with an athleticallystyled figureflattering twisty turn tee.


Slouchy, cropped or full-length, joggers with an easy fit waist are your perfect choice to feel comfy, no matter what the situation.


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