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Gadgets – June 2018

Gadgets Innovation June 2018

Gadgets – June 2018

Samsung Galaxy S9

June 2018 - Gadgets

Samsung has nailed all the right notes with the Galaxy S9. With upgraded biometrics, excellent low-light performance and a powerful camera, this model far outshines the S8. The S9 is a perfect fit for your palm, unlike its previous models, and offers a hang-free experience, all thanks to the Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 processor.

Price: INR 55,420 (64GB)

Panasonic MJ-L500 Cold Press Juicer

June 2018 - Panasonic MJ-L500 Cold Press Juicer

This versatile and efficient juicer from Panasonic has become a bestseller since it introduction. Letting you prepare fresh, nutrient-rich juices, cocktails and sorbets, this juicer uses strong compression to squeeze and extract the juices. And since the process is carried out at a slower speed, there is reduced heat and air exposure, which means you are left with the closest a real fruit juice can get.

Price: Starts at INR 15,900

Liftware Steady

June 2018 - Liftware Steady

This thoughtful invention is a boon to those with hand tremors, as a result of Parkinson’s disease or Essential Tremors. The electronic utensil comes with a self-stabilizing handle to which a spoon, fork or soup spoon can be attached, as per one’s requirement. The Liftware Steady starter kit is said to counterbalance tremors by up to 70 percent and includes built-in sensors, monitors, and a computer to sense and neutralize tremors.

Price: Starts at INR 13,000

Blackstone 1575 Outdoor Pizza Oven

June 2018 - Blackstone 1575 Outdoor Pizza Oven

The Blackstone outdoor pizza oven is for those looking for a mobile, highly durable backyard meal companion. Its convection design lets the pizza cook evenly, consistently and thoroughly, and in less time than regular ovens. And with the price that it comes at, the Blackstone outdoor pizza oven can be owned by just about anyone looking to add one more reason to invite friends over for a fun pizza night.

Price: Starts at INR 18,400

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