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Gadgets – April 2018

April 2018 Gadgets Innovation

Gadgets – April 2018

Gadgets - April 2018 1

Cooper Cooler Tailgater Rapid Beverage Chiller

This rapid chiller is a dream come true for those who constantly forget to load their ice trays. Cooling your drinks has never been easier, be it in cans, regular bottles or wine bottles. The Tailgater chiller that comes from Cooper Cooler chills drinks in less than a minute’s time and wine bottles within a startling six minutes. The utility gadget helps you save not just time but refrigerator space as well. The Tailgater helps cool drinks 90 times faster than a regular refrigerator and 40 times faster than a freezer through its unique patented process. A 12V car adapter that comes with the package helps you chill your drinks on the go. No better feeling than guzzling a bottle of chilled wine after a long drive, right?
INR 30,063

Sony LSPX-S1 Glass Sound Speaker

Gadgets - April 2018 2

Sony has once again come out with a brilliant device for the music lovers. The super cool speaker can be connected to and controlled over your phone’s Bluetooth, including dimming the brightness of the integrated LED light. The device has a chic, transparent design that delivers sharp and crisp sound. Sony’s iconic product has created quite a buzz for the innovative idea and appealing design aesthetics. Replicating calm and soothing candlelight, Sony’s device can easily add a romantic touch to a dinner with your partner or make bedtime storytelling with your little ones a pleasurable ritual. Starts at
INR 1,03, 990

Samsung POWERbot R7040 Robot Vacuum

Gadgets - April 2018 3

There is nothing less pleasing than having to spend a lazy weekend cleaning your home of its weekday mess. For the busy and the lazy, Samsung has come out with a powerbot vacuum that promises to make your home sparkling clean without having you move a limb. The device comes with multiple cleaning settings that let you preset the exact time and cleaning intervals, as per as your requirement. The vacuum’s washable filter makes cleaning and maintenance easy and costeffective. The device comes with an onboard digital camera and smart sensors that scan the entire floor for possible hindrances and clears the space of the smallest dirt particles. Starts at
INR 47,190

Belkin F8M747bt Qi Wireless Charging Pad

Gadgets - April 2018 4

Belkin F8M747bt Qi Wireless Charging Pad Does the thought of having to plug in your phone to charge annoy you so much that you choose to leave it to get drained of battery? If the answer is a silent nod, Belkin has come out with an easy solution for your low-battery woes. Its Qi wireless charging pad lets you charge your device by just placing it on the surface. The pad’s soft and sleek design gives it a sophisticated look and keeps the phone from slipping or sliding. The device uses a Qicertified transmitting coil to help phones charge wirelessly. Starts at
INR 2,499

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