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Gadgets – Aug 2019

August 2019 BIZ Gadgets In The News

Gadgets – Aug 2019

LIFE 360

Gadget: Life 360
Life 360 App

Life 360 is the perfect app to keep track of the movements of all your family members in one place. The app gives you notifications as soon as anyone leaves a place and when they reach, It also sends regular reports when a drive starts and ends, which the distance has driven and the average speed. If you are concerned about the safety and security of the people you love, this is one app to hold on to.

Price: Free

PhoneSoap Cell Phone Sanitiser

Gadgets – Aug 2019 1
PhoneSoap Cell Phone Sanitiser

You may not know it, but your phone is a hub of microbes, especially because you handle it pretty much all day, every day. This phone sanitizer promises to get rid of 99.99% of the germs from the UV protection this helps in the increased safety which can fit any model of phone, including the latest bigger varieties.

Price: $60

Ember Temperature Control Ceramic Mug

Gadgets – Aug 2019 2
Ember Temperature Control Ceramic Mug

Gone are the days of sipping soulless lukewarm coffee you left on the table too long. This wonder of a mug can keep your coffee hot for as long you want! You can adjust the desired temperature through your phone. You can even set up different presets for different drinks you have.

Price: $80

Hanx writing

Gadgets – Aug 2019 3

Have you ever wanted to own a typewriter? Well, Tom Hanks has an app for you! Yes, you heard that right! After writing a whole book of short stories featuring typewriters, the actor turned writer released a beautiful writing app that gives you the feel of writing on a typewriter, on your very own phone. Complete with real sound effects and a variety of vintage typewriter models to choose from, the app will have you swimming in nostalgia and even awaken the dormant writer in you.

Price: Free

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