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Herald of Change

Cover Story Health and Wellness January 2018

Herald of Change

Having become the ‘largest diagnostic network’ in the country, SRL’s pursuit to bring diagnostics to every corner of India is reaching fruition

Herald of Change 1

Company: SRL Diagnostics

Founded: 1995

CEO: Arindam Haldar

Labs: 370

  • Collection centres: 5,606 (India)
  • 70 (International)


  • ABP News Healthcare Leadership Awards 2016
  • National Quality Excellence Award, World Quality Congress 2016

You are not just a label: these are the words of a company that assures the public of its promise that a patient is not just a label on a blood sample, but a valuable human being who has placed their trust in it for their healthcare requirements. Could a company’s dedication towards providing quality healthcare be expressed in a more striking manner? With over two decades of experience in the industry, SRL Diagnostics has made its mark as one of India’s largest diagnostic companies. Founded in 1995, the company provides top-quality diagnostic services to people through an efficient network of labs and collection centers. The founding of SRL Diagnostics was driven by the vision of providing high-quality diagnostic tests at rates affordable for all. A name synonymous with trust, SRL is known for maintaining high ethical standards.

Vikram Ahluwalia, Marketing Director at SRL, has captained the company’s growth for quite some time now. Remarking on the company’s marketing strategies and future goals, he says, “Our foremost goal in terms of marketing is to build SRL Diagnostics as the fastest growing diagnostics service provider in India.” SRL follows stringent Quality Assurance (QA) measures, which makes its reports 100 percent accurate and reliable. Its labs undergo multiple QA programmes like the daily internal QA programme, in-house inter-laboratory Proficiency Testing (PT), third-party QA programmes run by instrument manufacturers, and PT programmes operated by national and international accrediting agencies.

The data analysis conducted on more than 6.3 million samples disclosed a diabetes blood sugar level of 21% in men and 17.3% in women

Over the years, SRL has showcased remarkable outcomes in these programmes. A veritable pioneer of medical diagnostics in India, SRL is striving to revolutionize India’s diagnostics industry by introducing specialized technologies and innovative services. With its state-of-the-art research and development department, highly skilled physicians and a proven heritage, SRL has stood the test of time and earned the trust of generations. Its outstanding contributions to the field have not gone unnoticed: SRL has won the ABP News Healthcare Leadership Award under the category of Best Diagnostic Service Provider of the Year consecutively for two years. In order to bring about societal change, SRL runs extensive campaigns to create awareness about major health issues.

Herald of Change 2

One of its recent campaigns, Let’s Make India Diabetes Free, which took off in November 2017, offered free blood sugar tests to people. The tests were conducted at major airports and HyperCITY mall outlets across India. Complementing this effort, last World Diabetes Day, SRL revealed a retrospective data analysis, which showed that men are more prone to diabetes than women. The data analysis conducted on more than 6.3 million samples disclosed a diabetes blood sugar level of 21% in men and 17.3% in women. “Considering rising healthcare costs and the fact that diabetes affects old people the most, the mortality rate could worsen. Extensive campaigns highlighting control mechanisms for diabetes need to be executed,” says Dr. B R Das, Advisor & Mentor, R&D, and Molecular Pathology, SRL Diagnostics.


Vikram Ahluwalia Marketing Director, SRL Diagnostics

Last year, in an effort to combat smog, SRL initiated an antipollution drive wherein it distributed 1,000 air-purifying plants in Gurugram. “Using air-purifying plants to cleanse indoor air is a NASA approved method. Apart from getting indoor air purifying plants, I highly encourage people to opt for transport options like buses and cycles, or to just walk whenever possible,” says the environmentally-conscious Arindam Haldar, CEO of SRL Diagnostics. Through its patient-centric and socially responsible approach, SRL Diagnostics continues to stay on course, fulfilling its duty in the field of quality healthcare. With a vision to make lives easier and better for its customers, SRL is climbing its ladder to success, one big step at a time

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