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Inspired by Life

November 2018

Inspired by Life

inspired by life

Dr Bhawana Awasthy of Fortis Hospital, Vasant Kunj, Delhi, describes herself as an introvert, who loves listening to music and spending time with friends.

Inspired by Life 1
Dr Bhawana Awasthy

How would you describe yourself?

An easy going, introvert, and not the ‘ pick of the crowd’.

How do you unwind at the end of a tiring day at work?

Walking amidst nature.

Who would you say has inspired you the most in your life?

My patients, who continue to inspire me either with their need for improvement in therapies or with their inner strength at overcoming the tough time that they are undergoing. Also my mother. Even now, after 25 years of professional life, if I have a question about how to handle a situation, I ask myself what she would like me to do in this situation. And I have the answer in f ront of me.

What keeps you busy outside the OPD? Are you involved in projects or initiatives apart from work?

My research assignments keep me busy, starting early in the morning, and often continuing until midnight. I also spend time with NGOs that work on creating awareness on breast cancer.

What are your hobbies ?

Listening to music, mainly old, Bollywood, semi-classical songs though I hardly get the time now; meeting f riends and I really yearn for time to meet them these days. I am also learning gardening.

What is one food you can eat any day, any time?

Fruits, fresh, juicy ones.

Which is your all-time favourite movie ?


What is your idea of a great holiday? Which is your favourite holiday destination?

No gadgets, no TV, only nature, and not having to think of time.

Most of us have what we’d like to call a ‘ritual’ where we treat ourselves to a cup of tea, read, or meditate. Do you have one such ritual that you make sure to carry out every day, no matter what?

My morning cup of tea amongst my dogs, and plants in my little front yard.

How do you find the right balance between professional and personal life?

I have learnt to say ‘no’ to events that I can do without and to prioritise my life. And I try not to miss any opportunity to be with family

Achievements you hold close to your heart.

Satisfaction of a patient or the family even when success (cure or response) could not be achieved in a situation. It is important to understand that one is not playing God, accepting failure or success in treatment.


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