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Just One Word

PhotoEssay Lifestyle October 2018

Just One Word

Apr 2018 - Automobile

The official website of the National Cancer Survivors Day asked cancer survivors to describe themselves using just one word. From grateful to fighter and humble, the words were many and varied. And each one of them, full of meaning.


Just One Word 1
What is life, if there is no hope?
A sense of optimism is necessary for our well being.


Just One Word 2
Count your blessings, we are told, be grateful. We do not have to wait until a crisis gets a hold of us. Let us start counting every little blessing today.


Just One Word 3
The only constant changes. And to live a transformed life takes courage and needs the support of dear ones.


Just One Word 4
Be determined to take whatever life throws at you, and make something wonderful out of it.


Just One Word 5
Your dreams, your passions, your stories are yours alone to tell, and to live. Go, find your world.


Just One Word 6
One simple word, so many connotations. Find your happy spot today, and revel in it.

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