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Keeping It Simple

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Keeping It Simple

June 2018 - KEEPING IT Simple

A keen academician who loves the simple things in life, Dr Rani Bhat’s charming demeanour belies her professional eminence

By Krishnendu
Keeping It Simple 1

Dr Rani Bhat’s cheer while in Conversation is life-affirming Head of gynecological oncology services at Health Care Global (HCG) Hospital, Bengaluru, Dr. Bhat is a keen academician and vivacious person. She talks effortlessly like a kindred soul, opening windows into her vibrant life outside the hospital. Her masters’ degrees and hard-earned titles wane into the background as we drift into talks about her likes, dislikes, and preferences in life.

1 Being an oncologist calls for challenging and hectic schedules. How do you unwind at the end of a tiring day at work?

Keeping It Simple 2

I try not to take the job home with me, but sometimes it can be hard not to. Especially during times when we have lost a patient to the disease. Once I get home, depending on the time of day, I with my husband, and we exchange our day’s events. I also like to spend time in my garden and watch a movie when possible.

2What does an ideal holiday look like to you? Which is your favorite holiday destination?

Keeping It Simple 3

I have always enjoyed traveling and look forward to my holidays every year. An ideal holiday for me is one where I can relax, have fun with family and recharge my batteries. More importantly, it is time for me to embrace nature! It would be difficult for me to choose one ideal holiday destination because there are two favorite places I like to go to; the mountains and the sea. A leisurely walk or a trek through nature soothes my soul; and when I’m by the sea, I find the gentle lashing of the waves peaceful and relaxing.

3 If not a doctor, what would your preferred career choice be?

If not a doctor, I probably would have been an interior designer. I love art and craft, and the opportunity to be creative and design spaces for people fascinates me.

4 Outside the OPD, what keeps you busy? Are you involved in any project or initiative apart from work?

Educating women on topics like cancer prevention and menstrual hygiene is a task that is close to my heart. I am a regular participant at various women’s group meetings where I interact and educate women on these issues.

5 Who are some of your favorite authors and what are the books, outside academia, that you like to devour?

Keeping It Simple 4

I am an ardent fan of Sudha Murthy and love reading her books for her simple language and stories that normal people can relate to. I also enjoy reading comics at times.

6Who would you say has inspired you the most in your life?

My parents are my inspiration in many ways they instilled in me values of compassion and respect for others, and always asserted the importance of giving back to the community. It is hard to put into words all the good things they have sparked in me. They have molded and shaped me into the person I am today, and who I hope to be in the future.

7 Most of us have, what we’d like to call, a ‘ritual’ where we treat ourselves to a cup of tea, read, or meditate. Do you have one such ritual that you make sure to carry out every day, no matter what?

Keeping It Simple 5

My daily ritual, no matter what is to end my day with a word of thanks to God for the day that has gone by, and for the wellbeing of my patients and my family

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