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How To Improve And Sustain Your Mental Health

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How To Improve And Sustain Your Mental Health

While we remain obsessed with our physical fitness, another aspect of our general well-being remains neglected. Our mental health is the sum of our psychological well-being—how we perceive ourselves and others, our ability to cope with day-to-day struggles and our feelings. Sometimes we might need to seek professional help. However, generally speaking, there are several ways in which we can improve and maintain our mental as well as emotional health on our own. A few small changes will bring about an evident positive change in all facets of our lives; build our resilience, improve our mood and lives on the whole.

Exercise Daily is a MUST
Wear those boots and just go out!

The miraculous effects of regular exercise cannot be emphasised enough. It alleviates your mood by releasing endorphins and is a great stress buster. It has been proven that regular exercise reduces mental stress, anxiety and depression as well as enhances your self-esteem and improves sleep.

Have the ME Time
Personal time is important

Take time out for yourself. Amidst all the responsibilities that you’re shouldering, spend a little time every day doing something that you enjoy even if it is just having your morning cuppa in solitude. This will help you recharge, reflect and find joy in everyday tasks.

7-8 hrs of recommended sleep

An adult needs 7-8 hours of sleep every day for healthy functioning. Sleep deprivation negatively affects our mood. Maintain regular sleeping hours. Practise habits that help in giving a good night’s sleep. Stop using smart devices at least an hour before bedtime and restrict caffeine to mornings.

Read SOMETHING everyday
Reading helps

While you are aiming for physical fitness, do not forget to exercise your brain too. Keep it active and healthy by solving jigsaw puzzles, crosswords or brain teasers. Learn a new language or a new instrument. Challenge it every day and keep it thriving.

Eat Fresh & Health Food
Take this effort seriously

A balanced diet comprising all the major food groups is vital for optimum mental health. Supplement your diet with vitamins and minerals and keep your digestive system healthy. It has been proven that a healthy gut improves your brain functioning.

Do Yoga everyday!
Yoga is a bliss

Live in the moment. Enjoy the task at hand. Get engrossed in it. It will help you let go of the negative feelings from some past experience that is weighing you down. Begin with being aware while doing routine tasks like eating a meal, walking or drinking coffee. Pay attention to the sights, sounds, smells, or tastes of these experiences to focus. If your mind strays, refocus on the moment.


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