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New Beginnings

December 2018 Lifestyle PhotoEssay

New Beginnings

New Beginnings1

The beginning, said Plato, is the most important part of the work. As the year rolls to an end, we stare at possibilities of new starts, standing at the threshold of new hope.

Write your own story

Every day, you get the chance to write, and rewrite the story of your life. Keep writing until what you see fills you with joy.

Keep the door open

The door to your mind… leave it open to new experiences, thoughts and above all, to the wonder of change.

See the light

A baby turtle always knows the path it needs to follow to reach the sea. We have forgotten to trust our instincts; let’s re-learn how to.

One wheel at at time

There is a certain childlike enthusiasm and energy that comes with learning new skills. Let’s walk down that path again.

Different destinies

Life is a fascinating pattern of our choices, responses to what comes our way, and our attitudes.

The struggle is real

Change, and the accompanying struggle, are an inevitable part of life. The process of metamorphosis often leads to something better.

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