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Over A Cup of Coffee

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Over A Cup of Coffee

Surgical oncologist Dr Anil Heroor is a book-lover and movie buff, who loves taking a break in breezy Goa

By Lidiya Prasad

From the peculiar silence of operation theatres to the loudness in outpatient wards, surgeons’ lives are in constant juxtaposition—that of despair and hope, urgency and ease. Dr. Anil Heroor takes some time off his busy schedule to share with us snippets of his life outside of work. Currently serving as the Head of Surgical Oncology at Fortis Hospital, Mulund, Dr. Heroor also runs Anil Cancer Clinic.

Over A Cup of Coffee 1

How would you describe an ideal state of relaxation? What helps you unwind?

To me, an ideal state of relaxation is an empty mind and a feeling of absolute joy, with a heart full of gratitude for the bounties given by God! My way of winding down is a good read with a cup of piping hot coffee. I read quite a lot on topics apart from medicine, like politics, history, and innovative ideas. Homo Deus by Yuval Noah Harari is a personal favorite.

One holiday destination you can never grow tired of.

It will always be Goa!

Is there a particular life experience that has changed your life around for good?

I cannot recall one incident in particular. A lot of experiences with my patients, friends, and relatives have definitely influenced me. My dad had a bad accident, and that changed me and taught me a lot.

You are actively involved in several cancers awareness campaigns and other events, hosting and moderating sessions. Where do you find the motivation to be on your toes and push boundaries despite hectic schedules?

I guess what keeps me going is an undying urge to push boundaries, to go beyond the call of duty and to contribute my best to the society that has given me so much.

Movies or books? Could you share some of your favorites?

Both have found spots on my list. A few of my favorite movies are Inception and Wake up Sid. Among books, it is The Tell-Tale Brain by V S Ramachandran, Homo Deus, and The Moral Animal by Robert Wright.

What are your preferred picks, when it comes to attire?

Well, it would be pretty much mundane. A shirt, a tie, and a suit maybe.

Three things you cannot live without on any given day?

Coffee, surgery, and books.

What is your favorite cuisine?

It has got to be Chinese.

What is your favorite time of the year? Any particular festival or event that you eagerly await?

Yes, the festival of Diwali is something that I look forward to with utmost excitement, for its brightness and fervour.

If there is a song that could describe you the best, what would it be?

Main Zindagi ka Saath nibhaata Chala Gaya from the film, Hum Dono

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