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Fashion – April 2019

April 2019 Fashion Lifestyle

Fashion – April 2019

June 2018 - Fashion

It’s blazing hot! And we bring you the trends that will keep you looking cool and savvy this summer



The traditional nine yards gets an uplift. Wear them over jeans, or pair them with a crop top or a skinny tee, or simply play with the hem length… sarees are very hip this summer


Polka dots

Big, small, multi-colored, polka dots are everywhere, from men’s kurtas to your favorite summer dresses


Colors galore

Whether you love bright yellows or muted pastels, color is big this summer. As are shades of grey, black and beige, especially in oversized sunglasses.


Zebra prints

You don’t even have to keep it monochromatic; colorful zebra prints are all the rage this summer.


Comfort is king

Linen, khadi, cottons, comfort fabrics rule, as do relaxed, functional fits and thoughtful designs like side slits and relaxed fits.


Traditional motifs

Whether it is khadi outfits or picking clothes crafted the traditional way, or simply wearing Indian motifs, traditional is big.


Cropped pants

This is a trend that seems to be here to stay. And this time, men hop on the bandwagon too.


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