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The Helping Hand

Care For you Cover Story Health and Wellness January 2020 Patient Care Supportive Care

The Helping Hand

The Helping Hand

Sometimes, all you need is a burst of courage. And a helping hand. Our cover story this issue looks at five individuals, who decided to stand up and extend a hand to aid their fellow humans, who were suffering and in need. Some of these individuals had to overcome great personal tragedy before fighting the good fight; some realised that they were living a protected, privileged life and that they could contribute a whole lot more to the betterment of society. These are stories of hope in the future of mankind, of resilience, of grit and determination

By Aatika H Jain & Dhruvan Nair

Spreading Smiles In Meal Packets

The Young Good Samaritan

Mothering Nubra Valley

Mom To The Rescue

A Friend And Humanitarian

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