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Upcoming Events – April 2019

April 2019 Events Upcoming Events

Upcoming Events – April 2019

Upcoming Events

International Conference On Cancer & Oncology : R&D

London, United Kingdom
London, United Kingdom

Hosted by SciTech conferences, the conference provides opportunities for networking and interacting with research professionals, oncologists and noted speakers. The event will host panel discussions and seminars where participants can freely interact with each other.

When: June 5-6, 2019
Where: London, United Kingdom
Where To Register:

iCancer 2019 USA — 3rd International Cancer Conference and Expo

Baltimore, USA
Baltimore, USA

Operating on the theme ‘Driving Innovative Cancer Science Towards Precision Medicine,’ the conference will have delegates from all over the world to provide accurate and authoritative information on cancer science, drug development, nanotechnology, robotic surgery and cancer imaging, among others.

When: June 5-7, 2019
Where: Baltimore, USA
Where To Register: https://bit.ly/2J4jmnz

UKIO 2019—UK Imaging and Oncology Congress

Liverpool, UK
Liverpool, UK

This multidisciplinary conference is focused mainly on radiological science, giving importance to radiation oncology. The event will also host a technical exhibition of the newest in imaging technology. The theme of the conference is ‘Personalise & Humanise’.

When: June 10-12, 2019
Where: Liverpool, UK
Where To Register: https://bit.ly/2SVmIbS

OIC.9—Oncologic Imaging Course 2019

Dubrovnik, Croatia
Dubrovnik, Croatia

A number of experts and esteemed faculty come together at this conference to provide seminars and talks on oncologic imaging and its development. The edition is titled ‘Oncologic Imaging in the era of precision medicine: challenges and oppor tunities.’

When: June 19-22, 2019
Where: Dubrovnik, Croatia
Where To Register: https://bit.ly/2EN6kW4

International Symposium on Supportive Care in Cancer 2019

San Francisco, US
San Francisco, US

Supportive care is as important as treatment for cancer patients, and this conference brings all aspects of it in one place. The conference is designed with a number of workshops, discussions, symposiums and research presentations. The topics covered include cancer survivorship, digital health and supportive care, sexual health and new toxicities.

When: June 21-23, 2019
Where: San Francisco, US
Where To Register: https://bit.ly/2T0mNLO

Brain Metastasis Research Symposium

Vienna, Austria
Vienna, Austria

Though brain metastasis is often considered an end stage of cancer, affecting 10-30 per cent of cancer patients, recent advances in research have proved advantageous for patients. The symposium looks at bringing together researchers and other experts to foster new ideas and collaborations.

When: June 28-29, 2019
Where: Vienna, Austria
Where To Register: https://bit.ly/2FsUx0C

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