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20 Things every working woman should do

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20 Things every working woman should do

20 Things every working woman should do

20 Things every working woman should do

Life is tough. But it is a bit tougher for a working woman. Especially, if she wears the added crowns of being a wife and mother! Hustling through her daily chores, juggling through her responsibilities, she often forgets to take care of herself. So, here are 20 things that every working woman should do to keep her sane!

1. Ship out on a solo trip

20 Things every working woman should do

Nothing feels more alive, more rejuvenating than a solo trip. A solo trip cuts you from the chaos. It makes you feel liberated. For once you become your only priority. A solo trip is one of the most meditative and rejuvenating things you can do.

10 Top Spots in India to go on a solo trip:

  1. Coorg
  2. Goa
  3. Arunachal Pradesh
  4. Coonoor
  5. Pondicherry
  6. Andaman
  7. Rann of Kutch
  8. Manali
  9. Kasol and Kasauli
  10. Leh Ladakh

2. Make your weekends lit

After working so hard for five days a week, you deserve to cherish the weekend. Enjoy a relaxing spa or go for shopping therapy. Steam up things on the bed and enjoy some quality time cuddling. Do something that makes you look forward to the weekends.

Your weekends are not just for cleaning the house and doing the clothes. So, make it count! Here are a few offbeat spots for your weekend Getaway from Mumbai that you can go for a solo trip:

  1. Bena Beach: Located at Vasai, this beach is tucked behind the charismatic Portuguese colony. If you want a nearby destination then this is it! From horse ride to camel ride, photography to sun basking, there are a lot of things you can do here.
  2. Harihareshwar: If you want some solitary time in peace then head to Harihareshwar. It has the mystic Harihareshwar temple ensconced by the mesmerizing Harihareshwar beach.
  3. Tarkali: One cannot define the beauty of this place. Nestled on the shores of the Arabian Sea, this serene place gleaming in nature’s beauty is filled with fun activities.
  4. Ganpatiphule: If you have a fetish for the clean beach then this is your happy spot. You can seek the blessings in its sacred temple and by the evening you can be relishing under the setting sun.
  5. Harnai: This spectacular beauty is an ideal gateway for Mumbaikars. The beaches and temples of this tiny village make your sojourn a self-reflective journey.

3. Work out till you wear out!

Working women are often more stressed because of the weight of heavy responsibilities on her shoulder. Indulging in a daily routine of workout helps in shedding the stress. It also prevents the cluster of diseases caused by stress and obesity.

4. Keep the newness alive

Buried in the mundanity of life, the newness often fades. That’s why you must try and learn something new every year. Do something you haven’t done before, something fun, something audacious. Something that stirs your adrenaline.

Be it riding the horse for the first time or going deep water diving, attending a live concert or going for a Sufi night. Whatever turns you on, just do it once in a while!

5. Volunteer for a cause

There is nothing as satisfying as a smile that you put on someone else’s face. You can volunteer for some work. You can donate. You can teach poor kids. You are blessed and sharing your blessing will make you forget the frivolous complaints.

6. Put your heart in the pen

20 Things every working woman should do

Research says that gratitude diary writing directly impacts the success and happiness of a person. It helps improve your overall performance. From Oprah Winfrey to Richard Branson everyone does it!

Scientists found that thoughtful gratitude produced an immediate 10% increase in happiness. It also showed a 35% reduction in depressive symptoms. So take out your diary and pen and make a habit of at least three things that made you happy that day.

7. Embrace your family

Your family is not your burden but it is your blessing. Enjoy their company, rejoice the little moments. Celebrate the little thrills of life. Rekindle your romance. You don’t have to be the perfect family; you just need to be the happy one!

8. Breathe in short career breaks

This one is so crucial yet so underrated. Busy in the daily rush, you don’t often get that space to think and realign things. You need to take short breaks in your career to replenish your energy. To think about your purpose. To identify your skills. To ask questions and get their answers.

9. Learn a new language

Learning a new language helps to improve your brainpower. It is empowering to have command over multiple languages. Speaking multiple languages always helps you in connecting better with people.

10. Get your health screenings

This is no secret that our health deteriorates with age. And when you are living in an environment so toxic and a body so stressed, you need to keep a close tab on your health. Get a complete health check-up every year. Attend the awareness campaigns and make your health your priority.

11. Do not break your budget

20 Things every working woman should do

Financial independence is a great power but it comes with certain responsibilities. You need to plan your budget and keep aside some money as savings every month.

12. Plan your retirement

Another part of financial planning includes your retirement plan. To retire rich, you need to plan out well ahead. Whether you want to start a business or do something creative, you need to have a retirement plan. Because your FDs are no longer able to afford a rich retirement.

13. Be keen for your skin

After you cross your 30s, a healthy skincare routine becomes imperative for a youthful glow. If you don’t have a proper skincare routine, then it’s high time you sit down and prepare one. From your diet to water intake to your skin pampering, make your mind for your skin.

14. Put your toxic relationships in a coffin

Reading enhances your mental faculties. Research also says that reading reduces stress and improves your health and wellbeing. Reading positive books helps you reframe your mind that influences your life. It increases your spectrum of knowledge and enhances your intellect.

15. Wander through the world of a book

Reading enhances your mental faculties. Research also says that reading reduces stress and improves your health and wellbeing. Reading positive books helps you reframe your mind that influences your life. It increases your spectrum of knowledge and enhances your intellect.

16. Turn the music on

20 Things every working woman should do

Music is the language of the soul. It is soothing. It is calming. It is insanely relaxing. Whether you are stuck in the traffic or doing the dishes, if you are in no mood for some deep thoughts then turn the music on. Relaxing music improves your concentration and helps you fall asleep faster.

17. Get rid of your guilt

A working woman has to make a lot of sacrifices. Be it cutting downtime for her family or being absent for their children. She needs to be head-strong to deal with her conflicts of guilt and understand that this is the modern way of life!

18. Love yourself!

You cannot pour tea from an empty jar. Likewise, you cannot give love if you don’t love yourself. Loving yourself is not selfish but it is the first step to loving others unconditionally.

19. Share your responsibilities

20 Things every working woman should do

Your equations with your loved one depend on your reactions. Establish an equation of equality in your house. Equality to share responsibility. Research shows that millennial dads are more indulged in parenting that the previous generation. So, time is changing and its time for you to embrace it for your good!

Bonus Tip

20. Sleep more

Many studies have advocated that the sleep time of women should be more than men. Woman experiences sleep deprivation during different phases of her life. From menstruation problems to pregnancy and motherhood, women lose a lot of sleep. So, make sure to catch that extra nap!

Conclusion: 20 Things every working woman should do

A woman’s body undergoes wear and tear on multiple fronts. And if she is a working woman, then she does not even get time to heal and replenish her energy. Hence, it is important for all working women to take good care of her mind and body to be the pillar of strength for the family!
Do tell us which of these are included in your current routine and which ones are you planning to add next!

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