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Women need more sleep than men: Fact or Fiction?

Health and Wellness Lifestyle March 2020

Women need more sleep than men: Fact or Fiction?

Women need more sleep than men: Fact or Fiction?

Menstruation, Pregnancy, Maternity, and Menopause, women sacrifice their sleep silently! Not to forget the hormones, stress and emotional rush that keep her awake all night long! So, yes women need more sleep than men!

It’s not a hyped claim!

Research reveals women need 20 minutes more sleep than men!

Research quotes – Women need more sleep than men

Britain’s leading expert in sleep science, Dr. Jim Horne have also nodded to this notion! Dr. Horne also highlighted the fact that women tend to multi-task. Multi-tasking can be very draining, both mentally and emotionally.

Horne says, “Women’s brains are wired differently. So, their sleep needs to be slightly greater. Women tend to multi-task! They do lots at once. They are flexible. They use more of their actual brain than men do.”

Another study quoted, “Women suffer from sleep deprivation in different phases of her life. Menstruation, pregnancy, childbirth, and menopause. Research proved that women are more likely to suffer from sleep deprivation and sleep-related issues than men.”

Women’s schedules are more jam-packed than men. They engage their brain much more than men. Added to that is their responsibility of being a wife, mother, daughter and a professional! They cut out their essential sleep hours to tick a few more tasks off their daily list.

Another point put forth in this regard is that women find it harder to shut down their brains. They take longer to fall asleep. They toss and turn on the bed while their partner goes in a deep slumber. This often leads them back to the mobile, checking a few more emails or scrolling through social media.

5 Reasons Why women need more sleep than men!

  1. Women have a busier daily schedule.
  2. They experience havoc of hormonal change.
  3. It takes longer for women to fall asleep than men.
  4. Lack of sleep is one of the main culprits behind weight gain.
  5. Women are wired differently – anatomically, physically and emotionally.

Women and insomnia

Do women need more sleep than men: Fact or Fiction?

Sleep disorders are common in men. But women too suffer from cycles of sleep disorders at different phases. Women have higher incidences of insomnia.

Many women develop restless leg syndrome during the menstrual cycle, pregnancy or even while lactating. This keeps them wide awake all night long!

Older women have an even greater risk of developing sleep issues. It’s the hormonal and physiological changes that can result in sleep apnea.

The aftermath of sleep deprivation

Many women suffer from sleep deprivation for years without even realizing the damage it does. From obesity to high blood pressure to diabetes to cranky mood to cancer lack of sleep breaks her body!

Studies have proven that women who suffer from sleep deprivation are at a higher risk of heart disease and Type II Diabetes.

Don’t disregard your deprivation!

Be it food or sleep, women put their own needs on the last shelf.

It is important for all women to understand that food and rest are the best medicines. These are not luxuries but basics for good health.

So, here are a few things that every woman should fix in their brain –

1. Learn to let go

Women must learn to let go. It’s not possible for anyone to do everything. So, it’s ok if the house is not clean. It’s ok if the dishes are not done on time. It’s ok if your wardrobe is not sorted. Take a breath and let the mess be. Your nap is more important than these frivolous jobs!

2. You don’t need to be a perfectionist

Your house doesn’t need to be perfect. It just needs to be happy. So, focus your energies on the right things. Spend quality time with your family. Focus on recharging your energies. Take time to pamper yourself. Focus on being happy not on being the perfect wife, mother or employee!

3. Delegate to fight deprivation

Delegate your work to empty your plate. Hire a maid to help you. Ask your husband to extend a helping hand. Delegate work to your juniors. Also, teach your children to help you with the little tasks. This will lessen your burden and help them learn important life skills.

10 Tips to set your sleep time right

Women need more sleep than men: Fact or Fiction?
  1. Set your night regime with 30 minutes of wind downtime.
  2. Avoid staring screen 60 minutes before sleep.
  3. Dim the lights and set the temperature right.
  4. Maintain your bed discipline stringently.
  5. Avoid coffee, tea after 5 p.m. in the evening.
  6. Eat a light dinner.
  7. Focus on healthy nutrition.
  8. Exercise and engage in a physical workout.
  9. Empty your bladder before going to bed.
  10. Consult a physician if the sleeping problems persist.

Conclusion: Why women need more sleep than men!

It is very crucial for men and women to catch 6-8 hours of sleep every night. But women need 20 minutes more sleep than their male partner to make up for all the lost sleep during menstruation, maternity, pregnancy, menopause, depression, anxiety and other issues of a woman’s mind!


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