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Research reveals 5 lesser-known Health Benefits of Prayer

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Research reveals 5 lesser-known Health Benefits of Prayer

Research reveals 5 lesser-known Health Benefits of Prayer

Whether you are a theist or atheist, prayers can bring you immense health benefits! Prayer is often perceived as a religious practice. But recently researchers revealed the hidden health benefits of prayers!

Before unveiling those benefits let’s get the basics straight!

Prayer is the simple practice of letting your wishes out in the universe. It is an affirmation blended with faith. This is the ultimate way of manifesting dreams into reality.

So, whether you believe in God or in higher-self or law of attraction, prayers can offer copious health benefits to you!

Prayers are nothing but words of positivity. Words uttered with utter trust and confidence. Such thoughts have the power to manifest and creates miracles. Prayers from the heart brings plethora of health benefits for the body and the mind!

As the plight of this pandemic hits the world, people are turning to prayers!

Times are difficult.

The outbreak of coronavirus sent ripples of panic across the globe.

Some are battling their anxiety and fear and some are facing the demons of depression and treat at California Christian drug rehab.

The doctors, health workers and the common man are all lighting the lamp of hope with spells of prayers.

Prayer is not only a spiritual practice for the mind, but it also benefits the body!

And science too concurs with this statement!

Research Speaks: Role of Prayer in healing

Health Benefits of Prayer

Research says that prayer is a special form of meditation. Thus, it can endow all benefits associated with meditation! It aids in countering stress and boosting immunity. Improving sleep and enhancing healing. Meditative prayers play a larger role in ensuring wellness.

Research Speaks: Role of Prayer in cancer patients

Another research published in NCBI studied the relationship between prayer and life expectancy in cancer patients. The study concluded that prayer can play the role of complementary therapy.

Praying can boost confidence in cancer patients. It helps in handling hopelessness and tackling fear. This also helps in combating stress, improving sleep and restoring peace of mind. Prayers helped in gaining a positive spirit which is crucial in the fight against cancer!

Research Speaks: Role of Prayer in pain management

Health Benefits of Prayer

Prayer is one of the most common non-pharmaceutical methods of pain management. It is a widely practiced alternative medicine for pain management all across the world.

The Stanford University of Medical Centre use prayer against pain. And 90% of patients said it ‘worked well’. While 51% said it ‘worked very well’. Numerous studies have reported similar conclusions on prayer in pain management!

The daily ritual of praying also helps in pacifying pain. Several studies affirmed that prayer can play a role in pain management. Patients suffering from chronic issues of arthritis, osteoporosis, or those undergoing cancer treatment found relief in praying.

Research Speaks: Role of Prayer in maintaining mental health

Researchers found that people who pray regularly are less susceptible to anxiety-related disorders. They exhibit better control over worry, fear, self-consciousness, social anxiety and obsessive-compulsive behaviour.

Another study from Columbia University reported that spiritual practices thickens parts of the brain’s cortex. This acts as a guard against depression especially in people who are dealing with this mental disease.

5 Health Benefits of Prayer

1. Pray to counter stress

Praying is a form of meditative action. Thus, it offers all benefits of meditation!

Praying can inhibit the release of cortisol, the stress hormone responsible for causing stress damage. Thus, inhibiting the hormone saves the damage.

People who pray regularly shows better control, clarity and decision-making capability.

Health Benefits of Prayer

2. Pray to ditch depression

The only way to counter the darkness is by lighting a lamp.

If depression is the darkness, prayer is the lamp!

The power of positivity and faith in prayers help one sail through the darkest hours even with closed eyes.

3. Play to control your Blood pressure

Blood pressure is spiked by stress and anxiety. Anger is another culprit for chronic blood pressure.

High blood pressure is a deadly disease.

Prayers offer a relaxation response. It calms the mind, alleviates anger, soothes stress and controls anxiety. Praying can restore normalcy in the body.

4. Keeps negative emotions at bay

Regular prayer reduces the regular encounter of negative emotions.  It can alleviate anxiety, anger, guilt, and depression.

Prayer is a positive doze for those who have a pessimistic view on life situations.

People who perform regular prayers and meditation are less likely to manifest neuroticism.

5. Pray to aid Fibromyalgia

Fibromyalgia is a debilitating condition associated with stress. It causes pain in joints, muscles, and tendons, fatigue, and insomnia.

People with stronger religious beliefs had healthier levels of cortisol. This enables them to be more resilient to stress and stress caused diseases.


In difficult times, it is the words of positivity in prayers that gives strength. Be it the fight against cancer or coronavirus, using the power of prayers can offer therapeutic benefits in healing. These health benefits of prayers are stamped by research and studies. Further studies are being conducted to better understand the relation between prayer and healing.

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