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Around The Globe – May 2018

Around the globe Cancer Health and Wellness Inspiration May 2018

Around The Globe – May 2018

around the globe


It is arguably the world’s largest fundraising event for cancer. The American Cancer Society’s Relay for Life Season in Southern Utah took place in April to raise funds both for those suffering from cancer, as well as those who may suffer from it in the future. More than 3,500 such events take place across the country to raise $50,000 annually for the purposes of cancer research and support.


In a committed effort to bring down exposure to carcinogenic substances at the workplace, the European Agency for Safety and Health at Work has launched a two-year campaign called Healthy Workplaces Manage Dangerous Substances. The campaign will run across the European Union and will look at the proper management of substances that could be harmful as well as carcinogenic. This includes commonly used things, ranging from flour that is used in bakeries to the silica dust at construction sites. The European Commission plans to lessen workers’ exposure to five more carcinogens, in addition to the 21 that are already limited by law.


Qatar Cancer Society is strengthening its cancer awareness programme with the launch of the Think Right …Think of Your Health project. The campaign is being executed with the help of the Social and Sport Contribution Fund –Daam. Qatar Cancer Society and Daam will jointly run the campaign over the next one and half years. The campaign, which will focus on preventing all kinds of cancers, will also include 30-second awareness videos for TV and social media. Qatar’s renewed drive to focus on cancer awareness and prevention is backed by statistics: the Ministry of Public Health’s data for 2015 showed that 1,466 new cancer cases were detected that year of which 1,417 were malignant and only 49 had been caught at an early stage


IPL is perhaps one of the most-watched sports events in the country. The day before this year’s season launched, captains of eight of the country’s top cricket franchisees autographed a TATA Nexon. The car will be auctioned and proceeds from the auction will go to the Tata Cancer Care Trust. The Trust is focused on aiding cancer research, increasing the number of regular screenings and bringing affordable care closer to patients’ homes.


The completion of cancer treatment is definitely a time to celebrate and rejoice. The Ring The Bell campaign, launched by the Cancer Association of Namibia (CAN) focuses on just this: lauding the beginning of new hope. “And, although there are much hardship and pain during cancer treatment, it is when a patient has survived and a new beginning in their lives beckon, that we now ‘Ring a Bell’ to signal loud and clear, I am a victor, I am a survivor, I am a beacon signaling that there is hope,” said Rolf Hansen, CEO of the association. CAN helps cancer patients through multiple programmes, like the Circle of Hope and the Patient Financial Assistance Programme. Roche is sponsoring this initiative by CAN, to motivate and inspire cancer survivors.

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