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Fashion – May 2018

Fashion Lifestyle May 2018

Fashion – May 2018

May 2018 - Fashion
Fashion - May 2018 1

Flowy Romper

Beach day? Date night? Party night? A romper is your answer to all your wardrobe needs this summer. And with some floral prints, a flowy romper is chic and irresistible

Print Sundress

What is summer without a print dress? Bright and edgy, they make you look lively. Dress your curves in the perfect sundress

Leather Bucket Bag

The ultimate carrier of all your junk: the bucket bag. Up your looks with one of these bags.

Brown Wedges

Slip your feet into a pair of wedges for a cool look. Rock it this summer, pairing it up with almost any outfit of your choice.


If there is one thing that stays in your bag all day, all summer long, it is a pair or two of sunnies.

Tennis Shoes

For its looks and comfort, tennis shoes are all the rage now. Pair your dress with a white pick to complete the perky look.

Fashion - May 2018 2

Button-Down Shirt

Drown in the comfort of a simple cotton button-down shirt this summer. Who cares if it is 40 degrees outside?

Khaki Shorts

If there is one staple this season calls out for, it is a pair of khaki shorts. Works whether you’re headed to the grocer’s or the nearest beach.


If somebody has told you that sneakers are only for the young, prove them wrong this season. Slip-on a pair of sneakers to add that missing style factor.

Crew-Neck Tee

Your summer essentials aren’t complete without a few of this timeless wardrobe piece. Set the tone for this summer with a white crew-neck tee and look dandy all day, every day

Linen Drawstring Pants

There is no fighting the fact that linen is one of the most breathable and lasting materials. The luxury and comfort of wearing one on a scorching summer day is beyond style and convenience.


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