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Around The Globe – Dec 2017

Cancer December 2017 Events Health and Wellness Inspiration

Around The Globe – Dec 2017

around the globe

The month of October saw the world commemorating breast cancer awareness through various thoughtful initiatives like fundraisers, marathons, flea markets, and several other creative enterprises. The last decade alone has seen an unprecedented rise in breast cancer around the globe, most of them diagnosed in advanced stages due to inadequate or complete lack of awareness. These events seek to fill that void, spreading awareness, among men and women alike, about advances in technology and the importance of timely screening.

Running Miles, Saving Lives

The people from Canada’s Saskatoon witnessed a very generous act in October, when an anonymous donor made a huge contribution of $100,000 to C95’s Radio Marathon. The event raised a total of $300,036, all of which was donated to the Saskatchewan Cancer Agency. The proceeds from the event also went towards the treatment of newly diagnosed breast cancer patients. Commenting on the event’s idea and mission was singer Brett Kissel. “The time when you’re diagnosed with cancer can be very negative and depressing. The best thing one can do is surround themselves with positivity and positive people. I’m glad this event has helped achieve that,” he said.

Helping Their Fellow Sisters

Volunteers from the Harrison County Breast Cancer Awareness Committee in Clarksburg, USA, hosted an awareness night in October, honouring the breast cancer month, to help raise funds for those women who could not afford screening tests. The committee’s mission has always been to encourage people to learn more about breast cancer and early detection by working together with community members to help women access potentially life saving breast cancer screening. “We want the focus on the fact that there is help out there and funding to assist those who cannot afford screenings,” committe member Melissa Rowan said. “Our money goes to cover those women who may not qualify for the free mammogram, but still need financial assistance,” she added.

Making Curry, Raising Money

Curry up!, an event organised to raise awareness against breast cancer through cooking demonstrations, was launched on the October 20 at the Left Bank in Hereford, UK. The event, which was organised by Breast Cancer Haven, brought together a large community of people, all of them hosting their own Curry Up! event, while fundraising alongside. The event introduced guests to the vibrancy of Indian cuisine with a fantastic cookery demonstration from a local cookery school, Rayeesa’s Indian Kitchen.

Pink Tent – Bazaar for a Cause

The 5th edition of Pink Tent, an initiative of Philippines’ ICanServe foundation in collaboration with the Rotary Club, was organised in the month of October to raise awareness about breast cancer. Unique merchandise like breast supports and prosthetic bras were sold here, apart from signature Pink Tent t-shirts, bracelets, bandanas, and stylish wigs. “What I want this event to accomplish is to inspire all those who are struggling with the tumour,” Lorna Engay, a proud survivor and facilitator of the event commented.

Not Just Another Hockey Match

Hockey teams from two universities in Sunbury, Australia, battled against each other in the month of October, fighting not just against each other, but against a bigger cause – breast cancer. The teams met for the second annual Pink the Rink event for breast cancer awareness at the Sunbury Youth and Community Center rink. Cheryl Delsite, one of the organizers and a breast cancer survivor herself, said that the event helped raise over $4,100 towards the cause. The organization provides information packets to newly diagnosed cancer patients, on-staff patient advocates,t and a research grant programme as well.

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