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Manto Square

December 2017 Lifestyle Travel

Manto Square

option. During the months of July and August, the usual peak season, up to 18 flights ply every day, about every 3 hours. Although we regretted not being able to spend time at Syntagma (a must-visit if you’re in Athens!), Mykonos waved its magic wand on us, making us forget all regrets and taking us in its stride. On reaching our room at the hotel Petasos Town, we decided to call it a day and relax with a glass of wine. One thing we realized on this trip was that if the Greeks love their food, they doubly love their drinks and a good dance. It was a pretty blurry night and before we knew it, Mykonos’ morning sun had dawned on us. This place was going to be our base for two days and we did not want to waste a single second. We headed out onto the streets first thing in the morning, strolling through the narrow alleys and exchanging smiles with the very friendly folks. The stores here are going to demand a visit from you, but the prices can be scary. We ended up buying tiny souvenirs for friends and family, and quickly found the exit. On our way back, like most tourists, we got lost trying to figure out our way back to the hotel. There are no signboards here whatsoever, so accompanying a local would be extremely helpful. In the evening we walked over to the beach to spend a quiet, serene evening, soaking up nature’s bounty and goodness. Mykonos was indeed, good to us. Our second day at

Mykonos had a slow start and we spent our morning sprawled by the poolside, basking in the sun, exchanging stories. After lunch, we headed back to our room, and after a quick shower headed out to Manto square to explore life in their town. The square does not stand out from the rest of the area but offers many bars and cafes nestled up-close against each other. Manto square was the last stop on our trip and we made the most of our last chapter. The next morning we said goodbye to the beautiful adventure that Greece had been. We had a few memorable days, perfectly etched into our memory. The splendor of this country is unparalleled, magical, and enticing. One does not visit Greece, one lives it


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