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Bluesmart One

December 2017 Gadgets Innovation

Bluesmart One

Make travel times more comfortable with the new Bluesmart One. What is Bluesmart? Sporting cutting-edge technology, the Bluesmart is a smart suitcase designed to help you travel smarter, in style. Its scratch-resistant and waterproof exterior will keep your belongings safe. The suitcase can be controlled with an app on your mobile phone. From the app, you can weigh the suitcase, lock and unlock it, track its location, and even get to know your travel habits. An added bonus, the Bluesmart One can charge your electronic devices up to 6 times with a built-in battery. Bluesmart One, more of a personal travel assistant than just a suitcase.
INR 42,368

Rolex Yacht-Master II

Bluesmart One 1

As a sophisticated gentleman, you are ultimately what you wear. From clothes to footwear to accessories, your appearance speaks volumes about your status. Speaking about accessories, a watch is a man’s most prized accessory. Rolex is arguably the best brand in men’s luxury watches. Presenting to you the Rolex Yacht-Master II, a masterpiece to be flaunted. An analog watch, the Yacht-Master II has a 4.4cm gold-toned stainless steel casing. The blue watch arms beautifully complement the blue ceramic inserts and 18 carat gold hour markers. Equipped with an 18-carat yellow gold Oyster bracelet, this watch screams luxury and is made for the man of power and success.
INR 27.57 lakh

The Sleep Number 360™

Bluesmart One 2

To take your sleep to the next level, introducing to you, Sleep number 360™, a bed extraordinaire. The special memory foam connects to your body and its sleep cycle. Designed to keep you sleeping in blissful comfort, it senses your movements and automatically adjusts comfort, firmness, and support of the mattress. We tend to fall asleep faster if our feet are gently warmed. What’s remarkable about the Sleep Number 360™ is that it can pre-warm the bed so you fall asleep comfortably. And that’s not all, the Sleep Number 360™ can be slightly raised on either side to help prevent snoring. From something called the SleepIQ score, you can gauge the effects the smart bed has on your sleep quality.
Starts at INR 58,000


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