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Cell phone and cancer! Heard it 1000 times? Get closer to the truth now.

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Cell phone and cancer! Heard it 1000 times? Get closer to the truth now.

People talking on cellphones

Cell phones were perhaps invented to free the man from the cable of landline, but it has ended up caging the man in a vicious cycle of texting, clicking and talking!

There have been multiple discussions, WhatsApp forwards, social media posts, researches and studies that gave contradictory verdicts on the link of cell phone and cancer. But there is no conclusive data, as of yet, to validate that cell phone usage increase the risk of brain tumour.

Cell Phone and Cancer: The flame to blame

As they say, there cannot be smoke without fire, we dug deep to discover the reason for this association.  Here is what we found.

Cellphone radiations are harmful to human body
Stay away from cellphone radiations

Cell phones use Radiation waves to send signals to nearby towers. There is a growing body of evidence that high-energy radiation waves like X-ray and gamma rays can damage the DNA and cause cancer. The high-frequency radiation, also known as “ionizing radiation”, is a high energy wave that can cause mutations in DNA. This may lead to cancer.

But the radiation emitted from a cell phone is much lower in energy and is considered “non-ionizing”. There is no conclusive evidence that this low energy radiation is a probable risk factor for brain tumour or brain cancer.

Cell Phone and Cancer: What studies say

A number of studies have been conducted on the subject of cell phone usage and cancer. But nothing solid has been discovered yet to establish a strong case against cell phone as causative of cancer. While some animal studies showed that cell phone radiations might cause cancer, but the area of exposure and the time of exposure varied greatly.

Also, the number of cell phone users in the past two decades has increased exponentially. But the same rates are not reflected in the stats of brain cancer cases. Though there is an increase in the number of reported cases, it should also be considered that the rising awareness and available treatment options are contributing to some portion of this rise.

Does it mean cell phones are completely safe?

Well, the results of long-term exposure to cell phones are yet not known. Also, due to the fast-paced development in the space of technology and mobiles, long term studies have not been possible. Exposing the brain to low-frequency for a prolonged time might have a negative impact.

Though the link of cell phone usage and brain cancer are blurry but that does not mean that cell phones are safe. Cell phone usage is linked to several other health hazards. From early deafness to memory loss it can cause several troubles.

Are Cellphones Safe
Are Cellphones Safe

Apart from these, cell phones are also a leading cause of road accidents. Heavy usage also interferes with the nervous system and impairs brains decision making capability. Addiction to aggressive games like Pub G might also have an impact on the brain and behaviour. Social media addiction is another bane of the cell phone that has wrecked many lives.

Furthermore, the constant typing and texting culture have birthed a new generation of problems like tendonitis and text neck. In tendonitis, the tendons of the fingers are damaged because of constant typing. In-text neck, a sharp pain takes over the shoulder and back because of the slumped posture.

Cell Phone and Cancer: 7 Ways to Limit the Risks

Though there is no solid evidence to the claim that cell-phone causes cancer, a little precaution cause no harm. So, here are 7 ways to limit the risks caused by cell phone usage –

Avoid Carrying Cellphones in pockets
Cellphones in pockets?
  1. Keep as much distance from sources of radiation as we can.
  2. Don’t carry cell phones near to the body in your bra or pocket.
  3. Use traditional plug-in headphones or use the speaker mode.
  4. Don’t sleep with the cell phone under your pillow.
  5. Limit the child’s exposure to mobile devices.
  6. Stick to shorter conversations.
  7. Put your phone far away from your bed.
Keep away from kids
Cellphones? Keep away from kids!

Please let us know if the information in this article is helpful to you. Also, feel free to add your perception or further points to this!

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