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Change Makers, Arise

June 2019 Lifestyle PhotoEssay

Change Makers, Arise

June 2019 - Change Makers, Arise

The man we revere as the Father of the Nation, Mahatma Gandhi, exhorted us to “be the change you want to see in the world.” Our freedom struggle showed us that even the mightiest of military powers cannot stand up against a nation that has made up its mind to remain free. And in many ways, individuals and organisations across the world continue to contribute to bringing about change where governments and large corporates have failed.

Evolution Matters

Jun 2019 - Photo Essay - Evolution Matters

Change is the only constant. Right from the cellular level, every living being is a wonderful amalgamation of constant change. For humans, the change that matters most is perhaps the evolution of the mind.

Togetherness Is Power

Jun 2019 - Photo Essay - Togetherness Is Power

Working together with dedication, in single-minded pursuit of a common goal, can bring about change of the mightiest scale.

Let’s Innovate

Jun 2019 - Photo Essay - Lets Innovate

Being open to change means being open to the new, the revolutionary. Getting out of one’s comfort zone in the pursuit of excellence is the best kind of change.

No One Too Small

Jun 2019 - Photo Essay - No One Too Small

The past few years have witnessed children speaking up about climate change, and a teenager winning the Nobel Peace Prize. No one is too young, too old or too small to work towards changing the world for the better


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