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The Functionality Of Being Beautiful

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The Functionality Of Being Beautiful

What is the value of the aesthetic in the purely functional? Manmade or natural, most things have a touch of charm and appeal that are not part of its purely functional aspects; this applies to everything from the dazzlingly brilliant plumage of scarlet macaws to the mundane phone cover and architectural marvels like the Golden Gate Bridge of San Francisco.


The Functionality Of Being Beautiful 1
Beauty is red

A lonely church or a vision of splendor, buildings can tell a story. In fact, sometimes they are the story.

A Home For Grandeur

The Functionality Of Being Beautiful 2
A Home For Grandeur

Palaces and old monuments have a charm that cannot be denied. Whether it is in the attention to detail, or in the scale of magnificence, the past was a time of the ethereal.

The Waves Are Calling

The Functionality Of Being Beautiful 3
The Waves Are Calling

When the waters beckon, the mind always says yes. Who can resist blues in shades as varied as turquoise, azure, cerulean and sometimes, even a light teal?

That’s Food-Tastic

The Functionality Of Being Beautiful 4
That’s Food-Tastic

Food always lends itself to pretty pictures. And it is not just its heartiness or its nutritiousness that stays with us after a meal, but the way it was presented too.

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