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Delivering World-Class Healthcare

Cover Story Health and Wellness January 2018

Delivering World-Class Healthcare

The Apollo Cancer Institute is the trailblazer of a new generation of health professionals, as well as leaders in technological innovation for cancer care

Company: Apollo Hospitals

Delivering World-Class Healthcare 1

Founded: 1983

Founder: Dr. Prathap C Reddy

Hospitals: 64

Care units and clinics: 100

Patients Treated So Far — Over 50 million

* Dun&Bradstreet Corporate Award for a contribution towards healthcare sector, 2017
* Express Healthcare Excellence Award for Patient Care, 2016

There is no alternative to the Apollo Cancer Institute when it comes to providing quality patient care. The overall ambiance of the hospital excels that of several institutions even in the west,” says N Sundarajan, an NRI patient, about the hospital’s role in his miraculous recovery from the dreaded C-word.

A center of excellence in cancer care, the institute— which falls under the ambit of Apollo Hospitals— provides comprehensive cancer care that includes prevention, treatment, and rehabilitation. Patient wellness has and will always be at the focus of its operations, and the hospital is renowned for its use of an expert, unsurpassed diagnostics and treatment plans. “Our mission is to bring healthcare of international standards within the reach of every individual in the nation. We are committed to achieving unmatched excellence in education, research, and healthcare for the benefit of humanity,” says Dr. Prathap C Reddy, Founder & Chairman, Apollo Hospitals.

“Our Mission Is To Bring Healthcare Of International Standards Within The Reach Of Every Individual In The Nation. We Are Committed To Achieving Unmatched Excellence In Education, Research And Healthcare For The Benefit Of Humanity”

Dr Prathap C Reddy
Executive Chairman, Apollo Hospitals

Hailed as one of the most trusted cancer care hospitals in India, the Apollo Cancer Institute offers diverse India’s first corporate hospital; Apollo Hospitals is now acclaimed for pioneering the private healthcare revolution in the country. Since then, it has risen to a position of leadership and is currently over 40,000 staff-strong. The group is well on its way to set up a proton beam therapy center to treat cancer patients. Apollo Vice Chairperson Preetha Reddy says the group is set to invest about INR 1,200 crore in advanced precision oncology care, which includes the installation of the proton therapy treatment facility. Scheduled to treat its first patient in September, this will be southeast Asia’s first such center, say hospital sources.

Apart from its innovative initiatives, the Apollo Cancer Institute, Hyderabad, has a lot going for it, with its non-profit organization called the Cure Foundation. Through this organization, it hopes to fight cancer by providing free or subsidized treatment, facilitating rehabilitation programmes and research activities, and raising public awareness.

The foundation collaborates with specialists from reputed hospitals all over the world to garner the latest and most advanced treatment methods for less privileged patients. “Cancer is a disease which afflicts the rich and poor alike,” says Dr. Vijay Anand Reddy, the driving force behind the foundation. “While some are blessed with the resources to fight it, the poor, very often, due to ignorance, poverty, and delayed treatment, resort to inadequate and substandard care. This compromises their chances of recovery. Cure Foundation’s free treatment benefits these economically challenged patients.”

Apollo Hospitals is a beacon guiding and changing the country’s medical landscape, and it has a long way to go, an as-yet untrodden and challenging path. And from what it looks like now, it seems to already be halfway there.

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