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Doctors, on a break

May 2019 Lifestyle Onco Corner Technically Speaking Travel

Doctors, on a break

The best of us need to recharge and recoup, to continue delivering our best. We thank Kavina Creations (www.kavinacreations.com), MICE experts, for organising the tour to Bhutan

  1. Oncologists with their families at Big Buddha, Thimphu, the world’s tallest sitting Buddha
  2. Dr. Aparna Parikh, with the staff of Udumwara Resort, Paro, during the barbeque night
  3. Three smiling Bhutanese faces, a true reflection of the national happiness quotient
Big Buddha, Thimphu
1. Big Buddha, Thimphu
Staff of Udumwara Resort, Paro
2. The staff of Udumwara Resort, Paro
Bhutanese Locals
3. Bhutanese Locals

4. Ms. Mishra in traditional Bhutanese finery
5. Dr. Bhavesh Parekh conquered the difficult task of visiting Tigers Nest Monastery, Paro
6. With Dr. Tashi Dendrup, surgical oncologist at Jigme Dorji Wangchuk National Referral Hospital
7. Enjoying the Annual Rhododendron Festival on the way to Punakha

Ms Mishra in local traditional attire
4. Ms. Mishra in local traditional attire
Dr Bhavesh Parekh
5. Dr. Bhavesh Parekh
Dr Tashi Dendrup (3rd from right)
6. Dr. Tashi Dendrup (3rd from right)
Annual Rhododendron Festival
7. Annual Rhododendron Festival

8. With Gaki at her Udumwara Resort, Paro
9. Lighting butter lamps at Chorten National Memorial Stupa, Thimphu
10. Kids having fun at the Lamperi Botanical Gardens on Thimphu Punakha road

Udumwara Resort, Paro
8. Udumwara Resort, Paro
Chorten National Memorial Stupa, Thimphu
9. Chorten National Memorial Stupa, Thimphu
Lamperi Botanical Gardens
10. Lamperi Botanical Gardens

11. Girl Power: interestingly, the girls outnumbered the boys in the group2.
12. The new monastery at Paro, Ngagyur Nyingma

Girl Power
11. Girl Power
monastery at Paro, Ngagyur Nyingma
12. monastery at Paro, Ngagyur Nyingma

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