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Fashion – Dec 2017

December 2017 Fashion Lifestyle

Fashion – Dec 2017

Style often reflects one’s personality and mood. It is about making a chic statement, giving the world a peek into what makes you, YOU! Fashion encompasses more than the way you dress. It’s in the way you walk, the way you talk, and in the way, you believe in yourself, ardently. This winter, welcome the season in style with our top picks for the month, and oh, don’t forget to slay it as always!.

Fashion - Dec 2017 1
Matelco Woollen Poncho
Make a style statement this winter by pairing this poncho with your favourite striped tee, jeans and a pair of boots for the peppy vibe!
INR 1,000
Fashion - Dec 2017 2
Calvin Klein Chenille Beanie
Calvin Klein Chenille Beanie It’s the holiday season and travel plans are not too far away. What more reason would you want to flaunt these fuzzy beanies?
INR 7,469

Fashion - Dec 2017 3
Forest Essentials Night Treatment Cream
A repair cream for the dehydrated winter skin, this cream works magic in the night. Now wake up with a glow, and seize your day with confidence.
INR 2,575
Fashion - Dec 2017 4
Ralph Lauren Leather Gloves
These warm leather gloves are professional-looking and practical. A must-buy for those men who would like to make a dapper statement.
INR 14,609

Fashion - Dec 2017 5
Caterpillar Gaiter
Look glamorous in this gaiter from CAT. Pair it along with a stylish scarf and pull it up close to your chin. Feeling cozy already?
INR 4,013

Fashion - Dec 2017 6
Babel Alchemy Beard Shampoo and Wash
A healthier beard means a happier you. Invest in this beard wash that makes it look soft and shiny without stripping your skin of sebum.
INR 3,137
Fashion - Dec 2017 7
Zara Houndstooth Scarf
December is around the
corner, and who wouldn’t
want to wear this scarf
around like a warm hug?
INR 2,290
Fashion - Dec 2017 8
Estee Lauder Softening Lotion and Toner
Bring on that summer glow into the winters without fear of dry skin with this toner. Be the #boss!
INR 14,200

Fashion - Dec 2017 9
Huxley Refreshing Skin Hydrating Gel
This gel acts as a protective barrier to
your skin and keeps it moisturised all
day, even in warmer environments.
INR 5,673

Fashion - Dec 2017 10
Duray Wool Socks
What is winter without some snug, comfy socks?
INR 6,383 (set of 3)

Fashion - Dec 2017 11
Loreal Paris Invigorating Moisturizer
Reveal your youthful skin with this cream that helps diminish all signs of stress and fatigue.
INR 6,000

Fashion - Dec 2017 12
Face Revitalizer

This high-performance skin
cream will keep your skin
moisturized for 24 hours
straight, preventing dullness
and dryness. Look forever
INR 4,288

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