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Hong Kong Escapade

April 2018 Lifestyle Travel

Hong Kong Escapade

Apr 2018 - Hong Kong Escapade

Be it the buzzing, narrow streets of Mong Kok, or the stilt houses of Tai O, there is always something to amaze the traveler. Beneath the breathtaking skyscrapers and commercial facade of the city, a vibrant culture with Chinese roots and colonial ties comes to life. Honk Kong is undeniably a melting pot of several customs and traditions, the result of years of immigration. Although most of its people were raised in the city, many of them can trace their roots back to mainland China, and the predominant usage of the Cantonese dialect is a testimony to this. Hong Kong is considered to be Asia’s most cosmopolitan city and here, people are always on the run: scurrying to work, catching a tram or the subway, street shopping or just exploring the life and spirit of the city’s myriad locations.

Victoria Peak

Hong Kong Escapade 1

A trip to Hong Kong cannot be complete without a visit to the city’s highest destination, Victoria Peak. Locally known as The Peak, it is a tower that is located above 550m above sea level, directly above Central. The unobstructed view of Hong Kong’s cityscape from the peak is magical and awe-inspiring. For a better experience, visit at night for a view of the neon-lit skyscrapers in all their splendor. Inside the Peak Tower, a wide array of cuisines, entertainment venues, and shopping spots await the traveler. The best way to get to the tower would be to hop aboard a Peak tram, which delivers you right to the center of the tower.

Old Town Central

Apr 2018 - Old Town Central

Arguably one of the neighborhoods in Hong Kong with the most historic significance, Old Town Central is where cultures, traditions, creativity, innovation, the past, and the present merge together. Believed to be the cradle of colonial Hong Kong, Old Town has captured the city’s transformation from a quiet colonial city to one of the world’s most happening cities. Whether you’re a foodie or a shopaholic, this little town has everything and more to keep you on your toes all day. Don’t miss out on wandering through the cobbled lanes of Wyndham Street, Caine Road, Queen’s Road Central, Possession Street, and the most frequented Hollywood Road.


Apr 2018 - Disneyland

The name says it all. If you’re traveling as a family, a stop here is probably what will keep your kids excited throughout. The park is spread over an area of 68 acres and is divided into seven themed areas, each area offering visitors a different kind of adventure. A tribute to Walt Disney’s unparalleled imagination and contribution to the world of fantasy, Disneyland is the place for the young-at-heart.


Apr 2018 - Old Town Central

If you want to be swept away by some breath-taking scenery, away from the hustle and bustle of the city and far from the city’s concrete jungle, then a visit to Ngong Ping 360 is what you need. Deemed one of Hong Kong’s most unique attractions, the Ngong Ping 360 in Lantau Island enthralls with its cable car ride that gives you a panoramic view of the island and beyond. The cable car takes you on a 25-minute long ride, connecting the Ngong Ping plateau with Tung Chung. Owing to long queues, it is best advised to book tickets online for the ride.

Man Po Temple

Apr 2018 - Man Po Temple

Located in the heart of Hong Kong, Man Po is believed to be the city’s oldest temple. Built-in the 19th-century colonial times by the Taoists, the temple pays tribute to two of their gods – Man Cheong, the god of literature, and Mo Tai, the god of force. Apart from these gods, two other local gods are erected and worshipped here, who are believed to be the guardians of the locals. Man Po houses quite a lot of ancient gems, the renowned ‘bronze bell’ being one. The temple is located on the busy street of Hollywood Road and stands halfway up the Victoria Peak. If you are looking for a few moments of peace and quiet from the city’s loud life, then Man Po is sure to offer the sweet respite you seek.


Apr 2018 - Cuisine

Nobody leaves Hong Kong without trying their signature dim sums or lo mai gais. The Hong Kongese like their food with their fair share of chili, so watch out for some spicy yet finger-licking-good delights. The city has an endless list of culinary delights for the meat-lover, starting from lamb to pork. You name it, they serve it! A must-try for the vegetarians is their douhua, which is a soft, savory tofu pudding that is usually topped with sweet syrup. The city that offers a bouquet of great restaurants will not disappoint you but will sate your cravings in the Hong Kong way. In visiting Hong Kong, you are choosing an unforgettable getaway and land to remember for its towering skyscrapers, dreamy harbors, and fabulous views. A beautiful medley of the ancient and modern, urban and rural, Hong Kong is a timeless city where cultures meet and happiness collides.

Best time to visit

Subtropical, mostly cool and pleasant

Lantau Island, Victoria Peak, Disneyland, Repulse Bay, Clock Tower, Tian Tan Buddha, Ocean Park, Ngong Ping 360

Round-trip rate
Starts from INR 23,000.

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Apr 2018 - Hong Kong
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