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Time to Detox

April 2018 Health and Wellness Lifestyle Travel

Time to Detox

Apr 2018 - Time to Detox

“There is no denying the wonders of a rejuvenating spa. Take a look at the world’s top wellness spas that are sure to take you on the road to self-discovery.”

A spa is not just about massages and diets. A spa is a reminder for you to drop your white coats and spend some time with the most ignored person in your life: yourself. Spa treatments and therapies are calming to the body and soul. A good spa can work wonders to reduce blood pressure, joint issues, and improve circulation and boost happy hormones. Here’s a list of the world’s top five wellness spas that are sure to transport you to a complete state of repose.

Bamboo Spa, Chiang Mai, Thailand

Apr 2018 - Green Bamboo Massage
Apr 2018 - Pavana Chiang Mai Resort

Nestled amidst the verdant villages of Thailand, the Bamboo Spa is one of the world’s most renowned wellness spas. Located at the Pavana Chiang Mai Resort, the spa offers visitors a truly meditative experience. The sprawling resort overlooks acres of paddy fields and has its own organic farm from which Radiance, the resort’s vegan, vegetarian, and raw food restaurant sources its ingredients. The spa’s signature Abdominal Released massage helps stimulate the internal organs, and the Chinese foot massage rejuvenates and revives the body and mind. Each spa session at Bamboo begins with a consultation and a cup of hot, organic tea.

Apr 2018 - Lefay, Italy
Apr 2018 - Lefay, Italy1

Lefay, Italy

Set on the principles of classical Chinese medicine, Lefay blends it with scientific research to provide visitors a haven of peace, calm and self-discovery. The luxurious resort was built within an eco-space to help patients feel the touch of healing by just taking a stroll through its lush environment. The spa programmes include medical interviews, physiotherapy sessions, Tui Na massages, aromatherapy and guided walks, among other activities. It goes without saying that when you leave Lefay, you leave awakened and restored to your true, full self.

Apr 2018 - Kurotel Longevity Medical Centre and Spa
Apr 2018 - Kurotel Longevity Medical Centre and Spa1

Kurotel Longevity Medical Centre and Spa, Gramado, Brazil

Since its inception in 1982, the Kurotel Longevity Centre has been a name to reckon with for its scientific and holistic approach towards creating a life-changing experience. Perched atop a hilly resort-village, Kurotel offers visitors much more than a spa retreat. The spa draws inspiration from the European tradition of rehabilitative and preventive medicine, called Kur. The center provides customized therapy sessions that include programmes to help cope with stress, sleep problems, weight gain, and cancer rehabilitation. Whether you are looking for a spurt of positive energy to revive a stressful life or to focus on your mental, spiritual, and physical wellness, Kurotel has the solution to all those answers your soul seeks.

Apr 2018 - SHA Wellness Clinic, Alicante, Spain
Apr 2018 - SHA Wellness Clinic, Alicante, Spain1

SHA Wellness Clinic, Alicante, Spain

If you are looking for ways to unwind that involve both traditional and modern treatment approaches, the SHA wellness clinic in Spain is for your tired soul. Combining the latest advances in science and nutrition with Far East-inspired techniques, the wellness clinic offers its clients a soulful experience. One of the most chic resorts in the Mediterranean, the core of its wellness programme is a macrobiotic diet that has proven to be effective on cancer patients who are on the road to recovery. Apart from their famous diets and massages, the clinic also provides a variety of physical activities, therapies, and even cooking classes in a serene setting.

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