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Participate in the Movement to Reduce the Advance & the Impact of Corona Virus

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Participate in the Movement to Reduce the Advance & the Impact of Corona Virus

Participate in the Movement

Do First Things First as Everything Else comes Afterwards

Our Honorable Prime Minister, Mr Narendra Modi, has appealed us to stay indoors and observe Janata Curfew

Support Janata Curfew on March 22, 2020

Participate in the movement, Support Government Initiative on Lockdown of Major Cities

Work from Home As Much As Possible

Medical Fraternity is working 24 X 7 to combat the threat posed by Covid19

Scientists are Working Hard to Find Medicines & Vaccine Against it.

Yes, We, the People, Have a Very Big Role to Play in Prevention of the Disease!

We must play our role to perfection in preventing the spread.

India has a Population 130 Crore

Say 10% in Emergency Services: Hospital, Pharmacies Fire Brigade, Police, Patient Relatives

A Few Are Quarantined as at Possible Risk

Imagine over 90% of people staying indoors!

That means 100 Crore at Home

No Contact with Patients

No Interaction with Carriers / At Risk Persons

Highly reduced interactions Put a Break on Propagation

The Society Wins!

You Win!

The Nation Wins

Support the movement
Janata Curfew: Support the movement

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