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5 Reasons why Coronavirus is Much Worse Than You Think!

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5 Reasons why Coronavirus is Much Worse Than You Think!

5 Reasons why Coronavirus is Much Worse Than You Think!

Malls and halls were the first to close!

Public gatherings got banned.

IT hubs are turning into ghost towns.

Even the shops are getting shut.

Life is jolted by a sudden halt.

But is it just this or there is much more to come?

Coronavirus is much worse than you think. And we will tell you why!

The first reported case of coronavirus was detected in December 2019 in Hubei, China. In a month’s time, the number increased to 60. And then China saw a steep rise to reach a shocking spread of over 80000 and deaths over 3000.

Even after 3 months, China is still struggling to curb the spread!

The first case of COVID-19 in India was reported on 30th Jan 2020. A total of 4-5 cases were spotted in India till February. But March is seeing a steep rise in the numbers.

A Brief Concept of Coronavirus

The new Coronavirus belongs to the family of coronaviruses that originates from animals.

Scientists have traced its origin back to bats.

This virus attacks the respiratory tract and can create trouble in breathing. In severe cases, it can also cause lung failure and death.

The usual symptoms of coronavirus are cough, sneeze, fever and breathing difficulties. But these symptoms might take 2-14 days or even longer to surface.

Quick Highlights!

  • After China, Italy is the worst-hit country. It has reported over 35000 cases and over 2500 death cases.
  • Following Italy are Iran, Spain, and Germany with the highest number of reported cases.
  • India is racing up with over 180 cases reported.
  • The best way to fight coronavirus is to practice precautions.
  • Social distancing and personal hygiene are the best weapons to fight corona.

Your Attitude Towards The Outbreak!

More than anything else, it is your attitude that can stop it from spreading further. Here are a few ways people are reacting to coronavirus.

1. It’s only a few cases in India. There is nothing to worry about!

The beginning of any outbreak looks like this. But you have to have a foresight of what the future may hold!

It was just one case that gradually increased to hundreds. And if not contained it can rise to reach thousands.

So, this is the time to act and stop the virus from spreading further.

2. There are people on the streets. So, it’s not that worrisome!

5 Reasons why Coronavirus is Much Worse Than You Think!

Please understand this, that everyone cannot sit at home. The doctors, nurses, public servants have to hit the road.

Plus, the daily wage earners will come out to fetch their bread!

But if you don’t have an emergency then please stay indoors. Because crowing the streets will put more people at risk!

Avoid all types of gatherings, including religious activities.

3. It is not life-threatening. People are recovering!

That’s definitely a bright side!

But you can not rely on that. There are several factors that are determining mortality.

People as young as 21-years-old are succumbing to the virus. And elderlies at 102 are recovering.

Understand that it’s a new kind of threat. Even the experts are still studying the patterns. So, there might be many new findings that will challenge the earlier claims.

4. I have strong immunity. So, it’s not an issue for me!

Are you sure?

There is no scale to measure one’s immunity. So, you can never be 100% sure.

Plus, you are not only putting your life at risk. Even your closed ones can get exposed to the virus as you become a carrier.

You might fight it well. But the little ones or the elderly in your house will have a hard time!

5. The virus is everywhere. It will eventually kill me!

If you are thinking this, then you need to seek help.

The outbreak of the disastrous coronavirus has resulted in a toll on mental health.

The gloomy news all across is making people scared, depressed and anxious.

Though some level of anxiety is good as it forces one to follow precaution. But if it gets overwhelming then there are serious implications.

So, seek help if you are entering that dark mode.

6. This is a serious condition. I need to act responsibly

This is the right attitude to approach the current situation.

There is a problem going on. The world is facing a crisis. Experts are constantly working for a solution. The government is invested in stopping the spread.

So, I too must do my bit.

This is the right attitude that you must carry to combat coronavirus.

If your attitude towards the deadly virus lies in the first four then we would just repeat again: Coronavirus is much worse than you think!

Why coronavirus is much worse than you think?

WHO declared the outbreak of coronavirus a Pandemic which means Public Health Emergency of International Concern. Coronavirus has claimed more than a thousand lives all across the globe. And it’s not stopping at that!

It is more serious than the shops shutting down or offices getting locked.

Here are 5 reasons that justify why coronavirus is much worse than you think!!!

5 reasons – Why coronavirus is much worse than you think

1. Everyone is in danger

5 Reasons why Coronavirus is Much Worse Than You Think!

Not only the aged and children, but everyone breathing out there is in danger.

The virus is not spread based on filters, it is attacking one and all.

The lucky ones are not infected yet. Fortunate ones have recovered. But the ill-fated have succumbed to death.

So, do not take life for granted.

And don’t act foolishly.

Your act can help in breaking the chain from spreading further.

2. There is no cure or vaccine

Researchers and scientists are striving to find one, but as of now, there is none.

Because of its newness, your body too doesn’t have the antibody against this disease.

So, the only option right now is precautions and prayers!

Take the right precautions.

  • Wash your hands with soap and water for at least 20 seconds.
  • Use an alcohol-based hand sanitizer.
  • Avoid stepping out. Not for work. Not for recreation. Not for children’s park!
  • Isolate yourself.
  • Drink warm water.
  • Report to the doctor if you have reasons for suspicion.
  • And do not run if you are being quarantined. It’s difficult, but it’s only for 14 days!

3. It affects your mental health

The chaos and confusion all around are sure to create some anxiety.

But constantly checking the feeds, waiting for updates, getting negative thoughts can be detrimental.

The constant buzz of death tolls and

Also, isolation is a tough phase. Especially, for humans who are social beings.

It can result in stress, anxiety, panic, depression and even suicidal thoughts. WHO has also alerted about the mental health issues caused by the outbreak of coronavirus.

New reports from researched quarantines quoted that 29% of quarantined people suffered from PTSD. While 31% suffered from symptoms of depression.

4. Breaking the chain is difficult

Especially when people are not acting serious.

Quarantined people are breaking their isolation.

Infected people are roaming out in the open. Infecting even more!

And looking at the population of India it seems impossible to contain the situation.

With a great portion of the populace below the poverty line, it is near impossible to make them stay at home.

Not only the helpless but even the rich and well to dos act recklessly.

So, coronavirus is much worse than you think.

5. It can transmit via any means.

5 Reasons why Coronavirus is Much Worse Than You Think!

If you think social distancing is enough to protect you then you can’t be more wrong.

The virus spread through tiny droplets from the nose and mouth when an infected person sneeze or cough. 

These droplets can directly fall on another person. They may be present in the hands of an infected person. The virus can get transmitted touched by the infected person.

Now, the problem is that the virus can survive on different surfaces for hours.

Scientists revealed that Coronavirus can live on aerosols for up to three hours. On copper, it can live four hours.

It can live the longest on plastic and stainless steel for up to 24 hours.

The virus can live in the air too.

So, basically it can be everywhere around you. On the bus, on the train, on the seat, on the bag, and on everything else.

Know The Truth: Myths v/s Facts

Myth 1: Coronavirus is a bioweapon.

Myth 2: Face Masks can prevent coronavirus

Myth 3: The virus dies at a certain temperature.

Myth 4: Alcohol can kill coronavirus.

Myth 5: Younger people are not at risk.

Myth 6: Gomutra can prevent coronavirus.

Fact 1: Coronavirus spread can be controlled.

Fact 2: It does not spread through mosquito bites.

Fact 3: The virus can survive on objects.

Fact 4: Scientists are working to find preventives and cure.

Fact 5: It originated from animals.


Coronavirus is a serious situation. Creating memes and sharing jokes is fun but death is not!

So, we urge all to stop taking coronavirus as a joke. And act smart before it’s too late.

Because coronavirus is much worse than you think! More than flu, more than plague! So please take is seriously and stay safe!


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